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Favorite Blogs Friday Part 6 – Best Blogs of the Week

Hey Everybody,

It’s another edition of Favorite Blogs Friday, so check out these awesome sites that can help you with your online business.

Favorite Blog #1:

Robert Puddy is a Traffic Exchange expert. He gives explosive advise on how to use Traffic exchanges. Check out his 4 step formula for dominating traffic exchanges: Traffic Exchange Perfection. What is a traffic exchange? It’s a website that allows you to join and gain points in order to exchange traffic with other members. There are many traffic exchange sites, just do a quick search in Google and you’ll see. Traffic exchange sites are worth considering when you’ve exhausted a lot of your other traffic bulding strategies. But before you join any, you should read Robert Puddy’s blog posts on Traffic exchanges, including Traffic Exchanges are Great Lead Generation Sites.

Favorite Blog #2:

Hubspot’s blog has SO many great posts. The one I happened upon that really made an impression on me and I think you all can gain some value from is 8 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Social Media Reach. Social Media is the number one way to gain traffic… if you use it correctly. You can really mess up if you do it wrong. You not only won’t get traffic, but you’ll ruin your reputation (almost forever). And that’s hard to get back on track once it’s gone. And they say “The money is in the list”. So if you think you’re ever going to start an email campaign, check out hubspot’s blog post How to Be a More Agile and Effective Email Marketer.

Favorite Blog #3:

I really wanted to post something from Voodish because they came to my aid when I had a problem uploading a video to my website. For some reason the transparency was all messed up when I uploaded a video from YouTube to my website and Voodish is where I found the solution to my problem. This blog post explains better than any other explanation I’ve seen of how to fix the transparency issue when uploading YouTube videos to a website. You can read it here: Lightbox Disappears Behind Flash YouTube Video Fixed. Believe me. If you ever decide to upload a YouTube video to your website, you will want this blog post for the explanation.

That’s it for this week. I will have more awesome blogs that you can learn from and be inspired by in the weeks to come 🙂

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One Response to 'Favorite Blogs Friday Part 6 – Best Blogs of the Week'

  1. Trina says:

    I like the hubspot blog. That's a good one.

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