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How to Build a Successful Blog in One Year

The Birth of the Blog and Retire Case Study

Hey Everyone! I’m super excited about my new plan of action. Read on…

I wanted to let you in on a little experiment I’m doing.

Last night, as I was taking a shower (that’s where I do all my thinking), I decided to start a brand new blog and do it properly, completely following the Blog and Retire eCourse (B&R) that I personally wrote/published.

I’m doing this for a couple reasons:

1. I am just dying to write a blog about how my husband and I flipped our house and sold it for a profit during the current recession we’re in. I’ve been thinking about doing this since January of this year. That’s when I discovered the blog Needless to say, I was inspired. My husband and I were practically doing the same thing as them, just differently, and for different reasons. So I’ve been itching since then to start this blog. We actually put our house up on the market in February and it sold in June for $50,000 more than we bought it for.

2. I wanted to prove to you that the steps in B&R work. And they work WELL. By doing the things in B&R and ONLY the things in B&R, I will have a successful blog by the end of one year. And you will be able to watch as I do it and see the progress and such. I hope this will be an encouragement to you. That you really can do it. That it really can be done.

So last night I got started. I completed day one of Blog and Retire (I even skipped ahead a little and completed a bit of Day 2, because I just can’t help it)!

I am very excited about this because I will get to blog about something I’m passionate about, and also show you how to build a successful blog from the ground up.

I will be documenting my progress once a week here at the Blog and Retire blog, probably on Sundays (nope, Thursdays), so you will get to see all my progress. I will give you my stats as time goes on and talk about the process, so you can learn and see how to do it all yourself.

I’m calling this my Blog and Retire Case Study. So stay tuned!

Until next time, Keep Writing!

To Your Success,


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3 Responses to 'How to Build a Successful Blog in One Year'

  1. Kelly Ballard says:

    Lisha I followed your blog back. I hope you have a ton of success blogging. I'll see you all on Facebook, have a great evening.

  2. Ernesto says:

    Great to follow your work Lisha. 🙂

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