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Is Twitter Worth it?

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for joining me on this lovely day!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Twitter because many people wonder if it’s worth it to join, whether it’s just for fun, or even for business.

Twitter is a really fun site. Just reading everything people post is enough entertainment to get you through the work day. And you can tell everyone anything you want to say too. It’s all about expressing yourself and being heard. And it’s pretty exciting when someone replies or retweets what you say.

You can have conversations on Twitter, you can even build relationships.

You can also build business relationships, with potential “customers” or potential business partners. You never know what’s going to come of your relationships. They always say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” I think it’s both, but knowing people definitely gives you an extra edge above the competition. When you know the right people, you usually don’t have to work as hard to achieve your goals. You know who to talk to when you need this or that.

Here at this blog, I get about one third of traffic from Twitter. As my blog has been growing and growing in the past few months, so has our Twitter following. So people are finding my blog organically through search engines, through other links around the internet, and through Twitter.

As your Twitter following grows, so can your business. So Twitter really is worth it to join. Twitter can really help you if you want to make money online, or make money blogging. Because traffic=money and Twitter=traffic.

Many people have lots of informative, interesting things to say that we can learn from and be entertained. Also, many people are promoting products at a discounted rate, so it’s worth it to keep your eyes open for any kinds of deals you can get on things you’re interested in.

If you’re joining Twitter solely to make a buck, think again. You need to build rapport, build trust, and build relationships with the others. You need to contribute something to society if you wish to gain anything. What you give is what you get and that’s just how this world typically works.

Lastly, here’s an article I found via Twitter that talks a bit about why Twitter is worth being a part of:

9 Stunning New Facts about Twitter from, the Twitter Tips Blog. At bufferap, you can also find many other great articles that give tons of Twitter tips you can learn from and use to your advantage.

Here’s a 3 part video series on how to use Twitter for business, brought to you by AmazingVideoTours on YouTube.

Twitter for Business Part One:

Twitter for Business Part Two:

Twitter for Business Part Three:

My only problem with Twitter is that it’s difficult to reply to someone’s reply or mention. I get messages in my email stating the reply message and the message the person replied to, but in order for me to reply back, I have to go to their profile and find their message to me and then click reply. If someone has found an easier way to do this, please leave a comment below and let us all know! 🙂 Either there is some way I don’t know of, or hopefully Twitter will change that soon to make it easier for people. There should be a link that you can click on in the email that leads directly to the reply so you can reply back. What do you all think? Leave a comment below. We won’t bite!

Update: HootSuite is a great Twitter organizer and Tweet tool. Join HootSuite (it’s free) and link it up to your Twitter account. Here you can see if someone mentions you (or replies), retweets, or direct messages you. You can also see your home stream of tweets of the people you’re following, and you can see your own stream of tweets. You can reply directly to people on hootsuite, and it’s a lot easier than going through each and every email someone sends you so you can reply.

Hope you all have a great day!

Come back again when I post yet another informative post!

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3 Responses to 'Is Twitter Worth it?'

  1. Briana says:

    I agree. I haven't been able to figure out a better way to reply. Does anybody know? Please let us know! thanks!

  2. Tony Adams says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m a self employed Project Manager and Twitter is a critical tool for me – it allows me to connect with other PMs around the world – to share ideas, get advice, observe industry trends and hot topics, contribute to the wider discussion. If I have an issue, then I can throw it to my fav hashtags and get some great feedback.

    I can also follow other large projects or high profile practitioners around the world, learn plenty and pick out things that I can borrow or adapt in my own work.

    Thanks again for sharing!

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