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FBF Sunday! Neuerspace! A Cool New Blog

As many of you may have come to realize, I do not put myself above anyone or anything. No matter how new a blogger is, that doesn’t mean said blogger doesn’t have something of value to share. We can all learn things from each other in this life.

I am also not snobby about people who use free blogging platforms. I even created my own free wordpress blogging platform that you can join at Check it out. You can’t post ads on a blog, and using on your own domain and hosting costs money that not everyone has or wants to spend, so that’s why I created BlogZam. So people will have a place where they can blog using wordpress for free, and still be able to post ads on their blog.

That brings me to Neuerspace, our featured blog of the day!

Neuerspace is a personal blog of a professional real estate agent. Subheadline reads: “Corporate Real Estate… with some personality”

I don’t remember how I came to find out about this blog, but I think that it is a fresh blog with a new perspective on lots of things besides just real estate.

Read this post: Lucky 13. It gives great tips for real estate, but also for any business. Think about how those tips can apply to your own profession.

Here are some of my favorites from the list:

1. Put the client first.  If you have that mindset, the rest takes care of itself.

3. Over deliver whenever possible, but never fall short of what you promise.  People might remember when you overachieve, but they always remember when you fall short.

6. Have a system to stay organized.  Everyone seems to do it differently, but without a system, things will fall through the cracks.

10. Help people when you can, especially if thereโ€™s no money in it.  It comes back to you.

Also read Neuerspace’s recent article: Trust None of What You Hear. Here, the author (“JN”) speaks about how not everything you read on the internet is truth or fact. You have to be careful about what you believe while researching online. Make sure your sources are reliable.

Also read Jeremy’s Thanksgiving Post. I really like Jeremy’s modest and humble, yet informative and insightful style of writing. The best of both worlds.

You can follow Jeremy Neuer on Twitter by clicking here. I did! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Disclaimer: I am not paid for my FBF reviews. I simply found these sites on my own while browsing or searching for answers and I think these sites can be of value to you!

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2 Responses to 'FBF Sunday! Neuerspace! A Cool New Blog'

  1. Elvirah says:

    You always have something new to share, something about other bloggers and their interesting posts. And i like that about your blog.

  2. Lisha Yost says:

    Thanks Elvirah, I try to show blogger love to other bloggers as much as possible. If I find a cool blog, I share it here. The problem is that there are so many cool blogs out there that I simply couldn't name them all here!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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