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Blog and Retire Case Study – Week 9

Follow me as I show you the way to blog for money

Continuing on with my journey to creating a successful blog following nothing but the Blog and Retire eCourse.

Click here if you don’t know what the Blog and Retire eCourse is.

Click here if you don’t know what the Blog and Retire Case Study is.

What’s In Blog and Retire Week 9?

This week in the B & R ecourse, I give detailed instructions on how to set up an autoresponder service, so you can collect people’s emails and email them information, or a newsletter, or whatever it is you decide.

I currently use MailChimp to cover all of my email and autoresponder needs, and it’s doing quite well for me.

Click here if you would like to set up an email autoresponder service with MailChimp.

I also am currently editing the ecourse to include extensive StumbleUpon additions (submitting individual blog posts to StumbleUpon to increase traffic).

Click here to read my collection of the Top 15 StumbleUpon articles to learn how to get traffic.

Click here to read how StumbleUpon Doubled My Traffic in One Day.

I personally have not yet set up an autoresponder or email collection for my house blog. I am still deciding what direction I want to go as far as the ways to make money with that blog.

However, I did decide to put up an “Advertise” and “Sponsor Swap” tab at the top of my page in my menu bar, so people can pay to put an ad on my blog, or people can swap ads with me (put each other’s blog “button” on each other’s blogs).

Currently, I decided to charge the following for ad space on my house blog (which is the same price structure as Online Money Trip):

$5 for a 125×125 image ad link
$10 for a 125×250 image ad link
$15 for a 250×250 image ad link

Click here if you’re interested in the low cost sponsorship of Online Money Trip.

I still have to set up a payment button through PayPal for my house blog ad situation.

What I Did This Week:

I didn’t do too much this week, but I definitely did the bare minimum which is as follows:

  • Wrote Blog Posts
  • Followed People on Twitter
  • Tweeted about my blog posts
  • Posted new blog post updates on Facebook and my house blog Facebook page
  • Commented on other people’s blogs (people who leave comments on my blog)
  • Interacted with people on Twitter

What I want to do more of next week:

  • Comment on more of other people’s blogs
  • Spend more time interacting with people on Twitter
  • Submit some of my blog posts to StumbleUpon
  • Think about what direction I want this blog to go, or if I just want it to simply be a blog.
Case Study Blog Stats:
  • 988 Unique Visitors so far this month (averaging 41 per day)
  • 6101 Pageviews so far this month (averaging 254 per day)
  • 35 People Like 1house1couple on Facebook
  • Twitter: Tweets: 1047, Following: 545, Followers: 402, and I’m on 5 lists
  • External Links: A link to my blog is on 256 different urls

If you can’t already tell, my blog is becoming more and more successful. You can create a successful blog too, or develop your already existing blog into a successful one. The Blog and Retire eCourse will keep you focused on a day-to-day basis.

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