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3 Creative Successful Businesses Featured Here

Creative Business Ideas that Have Flourished

If you were here last week, you know that I wrote Part 7 of How to Run an Effective Online Business, which is to be creative. Now I’m going to tell you about 3 awesome businesses that started with a creative idea that no one else thought of (or at least, that no one else put to practice!).

I Wear Your Shirt

Jason Sadler started this online company on January 1, 2009. He began wearing company’s t-shirts (one per day, for the entire year) and making a video about the company. January first would cost the company $1. Each day, the price would go up by $1. So by December 31st, it cost the company $365 if they wanted him to wear his shirt.

Over time, his followers would increase, so that is how he could charge more per day. This also would give more competition for people who want to snatch up January 1st if they wanted a cheaper day, or snatch up those coveted December dates since Christmas is the biggest retail season of the year.

Now his company has 4 more people who wear shirts and the company pays for whatever day of the year it is and they can choose who wears their shirt. If they want all 5 people to wear their company shirt, it will cost them more. They’ve kept the same pricing structure, except now  Jason Sadler costs twice as much because he is more well known by now, and has a much bigger follower base. So Jason Sadler costs $2 on January 1st and $730 on December 31st of any given year (this year, which is a leap year, Dec 31st costs $732). The other four shirt wearers cost $1 on January 1st and $365 on December 31st (except leap year=$366).

With this company, Jason Sadler rakes in over $130,000 per year, and the other members rake in around $67,000 a year. Not too shabby for someone who wears a shirt and makes a quick 5 minute video about a different company each day. I’m sure there’s more behind the scenes work than that, but most likely they’re not working 40 hours a week.

Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb created Nerd Fitness in January 2009 (sounds like that was a great time to start up a creative business). He started what he likes to call a “Nerd Fitness Rebellion”. On his website (which is mainly a blog) you can Join the Rebellion and “receive the free “3 Missions to Awesome” email series along with updates, only for NF Rebellion members!”

I first learned about Nerd Fitness at where Josh Dunlop interviewed Steve about why he was successful. In my opinion it’s because he targeted a niche that hasn’t really been targeted before: Nerds that wanted to be fit and healthy. Sure, nerds spend all their time on the computer, but that doesn’t mean that all of them don’t want to do what it takes to get an awesome bod with rock hard abs.

Steve makes most of his money off the 3 ebooks he’s published which are all geared toward desk-jockeys wanting to live healthier and more optimal lives in general. Besides a blog, he has also added a forum for his members to bring the conversation further than just between himself and the readers. He created a community for nerds who want to be fit, and create the goals and do what it takes to make it happen.

Prairie Tumbleweed Farm

Linda Katz from Kansas, decided to start up a tumbleweed selling business as a joke. And it took off. She now makes about $40,000 a year selling tumbleweeds. Some of her customers have been movie producers who wanted tumbleweeds as part of a set. She also sells to individuals who want to use tumbleweeds as a decoration.

Here is a picture of the tumbleweed farm where Linda grows her tumbleweeds:

The moral of the story? You can sell weeds and make a living! You never know what people would be interested in. The other really awesome thing is that Linda started this business in 1994 and I don’t think she’s updated her website since! She’s still successful with this simple business even without the bells and whistles, and with an outdated website (as far as design goes). It’s because she’s offering something that no one else is!

There are many nay-sayers out there who think you can’t do it. But if you come up with an idea that no one else has, I can assure you that it will be popular to enough people to make you a living. There are 7 billion people on the planet, some of those people are going to be interested in your creative idea. The internet can give you access to at least 2 billion of the people on this planet!

So always remember to be creative. Offer something that no one else has. You’ll have a good chance of being successful if you do.

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