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6 Ways to Make Money with a Blog

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people asking me how to go about monetizing their blog. They just don’t know where to start. Well, here are 6 ways you can make money with a blog.

Google AdSense or Other Ad Networks

Personally, I haven’t been a huge fan of Google AdSense lately. I question their integrity. For me personally, Google claims about 90% of the clicks I get as invalid. I don’t think this can be possible. I don’t tell anyone to click my ads, and I also have told my friends and family to please NOT click any ads on my blog to quote unquote “help me out”. Because that really doesn’t help me. So I’ve explained that to anyone who has mentioned doing such a thing. It is illegal, unethical, and immoral and I discourage such behavior. Even still, Google decides most clicks I get as invalid, so quite frankly, I’m not happy about that.

However, it is still possible to make some money with Google AdSense. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones that Google respects. I don’t know what it is. But some people do manage to make some good money with Google AdSense. So even though I’ve personally had trouble with it, you may very well succeed with AdSense.

There are also other Ad Networks you can join like Text-Link-Ads, and Cranky Ads (for WordPress), Chitika, and AdBrite.

Some ad networks (AdBrite and Text-Link-Ads I know for sure) do not allow you to be a part of it unless you have your own domain. So you can’t use them if you’re blogging on a free blogging platform like blogspot.

You can try all of the different ad networks if you want. However, the only problem with switching around is that you may never reach your minimum withdraw amount to be able to actually get the money you earned. For instance, you have to reach $100 in order to get your money from Google, so if you quit Google before you reach $100 to try other ad networks, Google basically made 100% of the profits from all the hard work you did to write your blog and get people to come read it.

Be smart when changing things up. Is it worth it? Only you can decide what’s right for you.

Sell Ad Space Yourself

There is the potential to make very good money when you sell ad space on your blog. Instead of getting paid only when someone clicks on an ad, you just get paid monthly for someone to put their ad up on your blog (in your sidebar for instance). You will only be paid according to your blog stats, like unique visitors and pageviews, but if you continue to build up your blog and get tons of people to your blog, you can fairly charge more for ad space. Read How Much to Charge for Ad Space on Your Blog.

Sell Your Own Product

You have a blog, and people are coming to it everyday, so why not create a product, sell it on your blog to your readers, and keep 100% of the profits? When you’re an affiliate, you tend to get between 20-75% commission for the products you are able to sell. If you create your own product you get to keep 100% of the profits. You can also get affiliates to sell your product for you as well, so you’ll get more money without doing more work.

Ebooks and ecourses are the best thing to create because there is no cost involved in the creation and you don’t have to make a new one for each customer. Digital products have the least work involved, so you can make the most residual income from those. You can also create videos to sell, like video tutorials. It really just depends on your niche.

Affiliate Products

Maybe you don’t want to make your own products to sell. Maybe that’s not the kind of work you want to do. Whatever your blog niche, there are products out there being sold that are related to your topic. You just need to find them. One place to look for affiliate products is ClickBank. Many people don’t like ClickBank, but some people make a lot of money with them. It really depends on the products you choose, whether they are actually useful good products, and whether the sales page is good. When choosing an affiliate product to promote, the more legit the company looks, the better. You can add affiliate links in your blog posts (by law, you have to disclose that you are an affiliate somewhere on your blog, or in the blog post). You can also add affiliate image links in your sidebar.

There are other ways to become an affiliate, too. Almost every product sold online accepts affiliates. So when you buy something online, you might as well see if you can be an affiliate for that company/product. Then you know what you’re selling and you can give a good review of it on your blog, and hopefully earn some money through your affiliate links.

Small Niche Blogs

One way to make money blogging is to create a bunch of small niche blogs and sell affiliate products with your affiliate links throughout your posts and in your sidebar. My plan of action for this type of work would be to create one new blog per week. Decide on a topic, and create a mini blog. Find affiliate products on websites such as ClickBank and write 5 articles (including affiliate links throughout) and post them up on your blog.

Next, create a Twitter account targeting that niche. Set up a TweetAdder campaign for that Twitter username (to have unlimited Twitter accounts on TweetAdder it’s only a one time fee of $188 and will save you tons of time). Each week create another blog in a different niche, finding affiliate products for that niche, and setting up a new Twitter account for that niche.

Think about it. If you made $100 a month from each blog, then you would only need about 20 blogs to survive off your blog income (depending on the amount of money you need to survive). Obviously some of those blogs might make no money, and some might make up to $500. You never know.

The advantage to using this strategy is that if one blog flops, it’s not that big of a deal because you only spent one week on it. The other blogs will make up for it.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Another way to make money on your blog is to let the world know that you are willing to write sponsored blog posts. This means that you will write a review of a business/product/website on your blog and they will pay you to do it. The amount you charge is up to you, but keep in mind about how many pageviews you get per day on your blog. This will determine the price you can charge for sponsored blog posts.

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