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Blog and Retire Case Study – Week 14

Twitter Tools to Save You Time – HootSuite and TweetAdder

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What’s In Blog and Retire Week 14?

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Twitter. Besides regular blogging and blog promotion tasks and tips, in Week 14, I introduce you to Hootsuite and TweetAdder. Both of these tools are meant to make your Twittering tasks more simple, easier, more automated, and less time consuming. Hootsuite even assists you with Facebook and LinkedIn tasks. 

HootSuite is a great place mainly for responding on Twitter. Instead of getting a ton of emails about everything that someone says to you on Twitter, you can see it all in one place on one screen on Hootsuite. You can respond right there on the very same page with direct messages or @replies. You can also see your Facebook news feed and respond to people on Facebook. You can also schedule Tweets, LinkedIn, and Facebook status updates on Hootsuite. Hootsuite is free up to 5 profiles. So you can have your Twitter account, your Facebook profile, your Facebook page, a Facebook group, and your LinkedIn account. Then it’s all in one place and you can stop receiving all those email notifications (even just deleting those emails takes up time!)

Twitter can take up your life if you let it. Same with Facebook. However, it is much easier to automate Twitter because of its real-time updates. On Facebook, once you post something, it’s up there for a long time for everyone to see. So you cannot be repetitive. On Twitter, people are on Twitter at different times, so it’s actually okay to sometimes post the same things again. Let’s face it. Most of your followers will miss most of your Tweets, so if you need to post the same Tweets again so other followers can see what you’ve posted, so be it. Just know that you cannot post the same exact Tweet within about 4 hours. 


TweetAdder automates your Tweeting. It is software you install on your computer that communicates with your Twitter account and does almost everything for you. The only thing you need to do yourself is respond to  people’s mentions, replies, and direct messages. Here are the things you can do with TweetAdder:

Auto Follow/Unfollow

You can automatically follow and unfollow using TweetAdder. You just set up what types of people you want to follow and say how many you want to follow max per day and how often you want a follow to be requested (every 10-15 seconds, for example). You also set up who to unfollow (people who have not followed you back within 3 days, for example) and how often to request an unfollow. You can choose to make TweetAdder follow the followers of another user, follow people by location, or by what’s in their bio, or by what they’re Tweeting about (keywords). You can also set up autofollow back, so when someone follows you, you automatically follow them back. 


You can setup a bunch of posts (links to your blog posts, for example) or nice friendly messages to go out periodically, or questions you want to ask your followers, quotes, anything. Anything that you would like to be Tweeted more than once, you can have as many Tweets as you want saved and you tell TweetAdder how often you want a Tweet to go out (every 20-30 minutes for example). Then you won’t have to write out the same Tweets again when you want your followers to see something.  There is even a Tweet generator so that you can create spun Tweets. 

RSS Feed Tweets

If you want your followers to know when you post a new blog post, set up your RSS feed url on TweetAdder. Then when you publish a new blog post, a Tweet will go out about it. You can also set up other blogs’ RSS feed urls that you think your followers will enjoy or benefit from. 


If there are certain Twitter users you know submit awesome tweets every single time, you can set up automatic retweets of their tweets. 


I don’t suggest you do this, but if you are really going for complete automation, you can set up auto replies, so when someone says something to you, they will get a response. However, this is not very personal, that’s why I don’t recommend it. I believe that when someone talks to you, you should actually respond to them for real. 

Direct Messages

You can set up a message to go out when someone follows you. Maybe you want to say thank you, or say something kind to them, or give them a link to your site. Whatever it is, be personal, unique, and don’t seem spammy. And don’t just say “Thanks for the follow”. When I get that message it is annoying to me and not useful to me at all.  

For the most part, that’s what you can do with TweetAdder. It is an awesome tool and saves me at least 15 minutes a day and I get more traffic. If I were to actually have to write out 50 tweets every day, that could take up a lot of my time. With TweetAdder, all I have to do is respond to people.  

Click here if you wish to learn more about TweetAdder. You can also find a download link to try it for free (You can use it for free for a limited time). Links to TweetAdder on this post are my referral link. If you do choose to purchase TweetAdder, do me a favor and do it through my link… after all, I was the one who told you about it 😉

What I Did This Week:

This week I wrote blog posts, interacted on Facebook and Twitter. Scheduled Tweets. (I have a lot of RSS feed sites submitting my RSS Feed link out periodically each day, so I never have to announce that I have a new blog post). I did a lot of commenting on other blogs, and I organized a sponsor swap with 13 other bloggers. I had 11 last month. This month, 2 people dropped out, and 4 new people joined. It’s very time consuming writing up a sponsor swap post, so I can see why some people might not want to do it. However, I think it’s very much worth it because you can get traffic from all of the blogs you do a sponsor swap post with. Not to mention you get more links around the internet. Always good.

This week at the case study blog, someone asked me to do a guest post on their blog, and I got someone who wanted to write a guest post on our blog, and that’s going up on Monday. I was also contacted by two other people. One was the Publisher Representative at IZEA (IZEA is the owner of Social Spark). Wanted to know if I wanted to do a sponsor post about a Lawn Care system. Also, I got contacted by Tidal Labs saying that they wanted to feature our blog on Bob Vila Nation (Bob Vila is one of the many faces of the Home Improvement industry). So this upcoming week, I’m going to have to work on getting those things going.

Case Study Blog Stats:

I just got the stats in for February, so I’m excited that I get to do a culmination of February stats post.

  • Unique Visitors in February: 2,306
  • Number of Visits in February: 7,082
  • Number of Pageviews in Feb. (not including my own): 15,498
  • Number of Hits in Feb. (not including my own): 131,521
  • Links around the web in February: 349
  • Search Keyphrases for February: 295
  • Search Keywords for February: 443
  • Twitter Tweets: 1,530, Following: 1070, Followers: 762
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 46

Here’s my spreadsheet comparing each month so far, including the totals:

Remember, I am doing all of this, following the guide I created called Blog and Retire.

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4 Responses to 'Blog and Retire Case Study – Week 14'

  1. Courtney James says:

    Lisha, this is exactly what I was looking for. As always awesome content and quality advice.

    I'm going to be testing out Hootsuite. Currently the only Twitter program I've been using is Twicca for my mobile phone.

    But I need to start thinking about saving time as that was the primary reason I deleted all of my social media profiles in the past. It wasn't worth the time for me as I already had a steady flow of freelance work.

    Thank you.

  2. Lisha @ OMT says:

    Hi Courtney, I'm super glad that you found this post useful. I appreciate you always reading and commenting. You are one of the loyal ones 🙂

    There are a lot of secret closet readers of OMT, who don't leave comments (which is fine and I've grown to accept that). However, it's nice to receive legitimate comments like yours 🙂

    I love Hootsuite. It has made my twittering much easier. It takes so much more time to check every single email that Twitter sends you. Now the only emails I have twitter send me are the retweets. Everything else I can see on my homepage of hootsuite 🙂 yay!


  3. Denise says:

    Hi Lisha,
    Thanks for this very informative post as usual you’ve got a ton of useful information here.

    I signed up for hootsuite and promptly forgot to use it so thanks for reminding me.

    I was on twitter for awhile and then faded away. I never seem to get any real traffic from twitter. I find it hard to develop relationships there. People follow you, you say hello and then never hear another word. Anyway that has been my experience but I’m going to give it another try.

    • Lisha says:

      Yeah, it really depends. If you’re active on twitter, people will interact with you. Sometimes when I’m on there, I glance through the Twitter feed to find something interesting to respond to and then I do. And retweet cool stuff too. Also, your twitter following has to grow and the easiest way to do that is to follow more people, no matter how lame that seems! lol! 😉

      Thanks for coming on over Denise.


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