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Blog and Retire Case Study – Week 15

How to Run A Successful Blog – Be Consistent

One of the most important things you need to do to run a successful blog is being consistent. You need to be consistent with blog posts. Decide on how often you want to write and then stick to it. Don’t write 3 in a row on the same day and then don’t write again for a month. People need to know when to expect blog posts from you. If you are inconsistent, and people come back a few times and see no new posts, they will probably stop coming, even though they really enjoyed your previous posts.

You also need to be consistent with how you get your traffic. If you’re not consistently doing the same things to get traffic (and possibly even adding to you traffic getting repertoire) you will lose the traffic coming from where you stopped trying to get it from. If you’re getting traffic from twitter, you need to consistently tweet about your blog posts. If you’re getting traffic from stumbleupon, you need to consistently submit your blog posts to stumbleupon. If you’re getting traffic from facebook, you need to post on facebook. If you’re getting traffic from search engines, you need to make sure you’re using good SEO/keyword usage, and building backlinks around the web.

If you stop doing what you’ve been doing, your blog will be at a standstill, or worse, begin to fail, losing all the traffic you worked for.

You also need to be consistent with any social media interactions. If you’ve been getting people to come to your blog because you’ve been communicating with others and building relationships, and then you stop doing that, those people may forget about you.

But the main thing you need to do is consistently contribute something of value in your blog posts. Be informative or entertaining, but make sure your blog posts are something that at least YOU would want to read if your blog was someone else’s blog. And write content that will make people want to read MORE of what you have to say.

What’s In Blog and Retire Week 15?

In Blog and Retire Week 15, we get back to the basics, what I explained above. Catching up on some of the regular blogging tasks that have maybe fallen to the wayside. There are really so many things you can do to make your blog successful that sometimes we forget the little things. And sometimes the little things are the most important. So do all those little things explained above, and you will be heading in the right direction.

What I Did This Week:

For the house blog this week, I’ve been doing the regular blogging. I also created a Yostie Blog Award that I’m going to award to one blogger each week. I’ve developed a lot of blogging friendships through my house blog and I want to recognize those people’s hard work and awesomeness with an award. So I created a button and I made some rules for people to follow when they’re awarded the Yostie. I decided Saturday will be Yostie day, so I already awarded the Yostie to one blogger.

I also was accepted into the Bob Vila Nation blog network, where I can submit my blog posts about DIY and I’ll probably get some traffic from that.

I also published out first guest post written by a blogger for a home alarm system company.

This week I was contacted by 3 others who either wanted a sponsored blog post written for them or wanted to be a guest blogger at the house blog. One person offered to give an affiliate button to their store in which we’d get profit from anyone who purchased something if they got there through our site.

Also, one of my other blog friends and I are organizing a blogger exchange party, which will include a link party, so I will probably get more traffic from participating in that, not to mention, get to know a few more bloggers in that niche. The blog love in that niche is so wonderful. People do not hoard their readers. They are willing to share other blogs with their readers. It’s a big circle of people and it helps everyone grow! It also helps the readers find the most blogs that they are truly interested in. So all bloggers will end up with readers who really really like their blog. It’s a great thing.

Really, too much stuff is going on to list here, so let’s get on with the stats!

Case Study Blog Stats:

Here are my house blog stats for March so far:

  • Unique Visitors: 1,083
  • Number of Visits: 2,448
  • Number of Pageviews (not including my own): 4,815
  • Number of Hits (not including my own): 33,832
  • Links around the web: 138 so far this month
  • Search Keyphrases: 112 so far this month
  • Search Keywords: 238 so far this month
  • Twitter Tweets: 1,663, Following: 1100, Followers: 830
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 52
In February I got 2306 unique visitors and 15,498 pageviews. Because this is the first update for March, I get to do my March stats estimates (which I love doing). My guess for the house blog is that I will get over 4,000 unique visitors and will receive over 20,000 pageviews by the end of March. Let’s see if it happens!

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