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Blog and Retire Case Study – Week 17

How to Get Guest Bloggers and How to Be a Guest Blogger

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What’s in B & R Week 17?

In Week 17, besides the regular blogging tasks and tips for blog promotion, I explain how to get others to blog for you. This helps you save time and gives exposure to the person who is a guest blogger on your blog.

I also explain how you can be a guest blogger on other people’s blogs. This will give you more exposure and therefore traffic.

Make sure the person writing on your blog is writing something relevant to your blog topic, and make sure that the blog you’re writing on is related to the same topic as your blog, and this way you will get targeted traffic.

What I Did This Week:

I ended up changing the look of my blog this past week, added a little color because it was looking a little dreary with all the gray. I decided on green as my theme color for the house blog. A lot of people who end up reading the house blog are women, so I have to make it semi pretty 😉

I also had 3 guest posts this week (including tomorrow’s post) which is a little much, but for now I’ll take what I can get. I’m currently writing 6 posts a week on the house blog, so this week I only ended up having to write 3. This frees me up to do other things like comment on other blogs and talk to people on Twitter, etc.

Also, my blogger friend and I launched the Spring Exchange event last week, and this week we announced partners. 14 people joined the party. We’re all going to go shopping for our partners (for spring related items) and send packages in the mail. Then we’re going to talk about the surprises we got on each of our blogs in a couple weeks, and there will be a link-up on our blogs. This should bring a little boost in traffic. I’m kind of excited because one of my real life friends decided to join and we’re going to go shopping together (since we’re not each other’s partner). I’m not a big shopper, so it kind of helps to have someone there to assist me. She was originally just going to help me shop for my items, but she actually ended up joining, so that’s fun.

We’re also getting into sponsor swap time of the month, and someone contacted me about that already to talk about April sponsor swapping. I feel my sponsor swapping is getting out of control, so I am trying to think of a plan for limited the amount of sponsor swaps I have. It’s great to be featured on a ton of blogs, but in return I have to feature all of them on my blog, and the sidebar really gets a bit crowded after too many blogs are involved with this (because you are supposed to place all the blogs’ buttons in your sidebar). And quite frankly, I want advertisers to feel that there is room for them.

So I think I’m planning on narrowing down my sponsor swaps to 12, or making their buttons smaller in my sidebar. I’m leaning toward the latter. People who pay will get a larger image, and people who simply swap will get a smaller image. Right now I have 2 columns for ads and sponsor swap buttons. I will probably end up making 3 columns in the sidebar for the sponsor swappers, while the actual ads will be in two columns (so they will be bigger and more visible). This will make advertisers feel they will be seen more (which is true).

Case Study Blog Stats:

Here are my house blog stats for March so far:

  • Unique Visitors: 3,483
  • Number of Visits: 9,450
  • Number of Pageviews (not including my own): 17,578
  • Number of Hits (not including my own): 93,477
  • Links around the web: 376 so far this month
  • Search Keyphrases: 369 so far this month
  • Search Keywords: 560 so far this month
  • Twitter Tweets: 1,875, Following: 1206, Followers: 917
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 57

Everything’s growing! That’s good! That means we’re doing it right. Now, if things ever get to a standstill on your blog, you gotta kick something into high gear and promote your blog a little more, and build some more good reputation around the web.


Tune in next Thursday for the Blog and Retire case study blog update for Week 18!

Remember, I am doing all of this, following the guide I created called Blog and Retire.

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2 Responses to 'Blog and Retire Case Study – Week 17'

  1. Ava says:

    Guest bloggers are a great way to increase traffic! Great read 🙂

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