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Blog and Retire Case Study Week 18

Get More Exposure With Sponsor Swaps

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So we’re done with week 18 on the house blog. I’ve done a lot of the ecourse kind of out of order (because I have the whole thing in my mind) but basically everything I do at some point on the house blog is in Blog and Retire University’s Online Course.

What’s in Week 18?

This week the focus is on getting sponsor swaps. Sponsor swaps are just basically you putting up someone else’s button in your sidebar, and them putting your button up in their sidebar. A button is an image with a link back to your blog. My sponsor swappers also write a post about it at the beginning of the month. That will be Monday’s post (April 2nd) at the house blog. This coming month I have 14 sponsor swappers. I have been trying to keep it under control because after a while, you can only have so many little blog buttons in your sidebar, and I want to let advertisers feel there is room for them. So this month I decided to make the sponsor swap buttons smaller, and the advertiser spots will be bigger (and higher up on the screen).

So along with all the regular blogging tasks and tips, Week 18 discusses how to go about getting sponsor swaps. You go about it pretty much the same way you’d go about getting guest posts, or trying to write a guest post on someone else’s blog. You can even do a guest post swap. That will give both of you more exposure.

What I Did This Week:

I didn’t do too much this week. I started Linky following other blogs and commenting on their blogs (being sure to mention that I’m their newest Linky follower and how they can follow me back). You can’t be beneath asking for favors when you first start a blog, and to be honest, I’m still quite new in the home/garden/life/family niche. So I’m just going out there and asking people to follow me back. Many people have the Linky tool in their sidebar, so the more people I’m following, the more people can find me and follow me too (and that creates more traffic).

I wrote some blog posts, but not every day because I really didn’t have the time. Life happens sometimes. Luckily had a guest post to put up, so that filled one space for my readers to at least have something. And I did my Yostie award on Saturday, which I need to do again tomorrow. Each week, I award a cool blogger with what I have named the Yostie Blog Award. Then they make a post about it and pass the award onto another blogger, so that gives me more exposure back to my blog. Also, the rules state that you have to put the Yostie button in your sidebar. Some people have abided, and some have not, but I’m not going to be a police about it.

I did lots of commenting on other blogs. That build relationships with other bloggers, and adds more links back to my blog. Win-Win.

Coming up I have a few things to do on the house blog. The Bloom into Spring Exchange, a Window Cleaner giveaway (which is really awesome, I already tried it), and I’m planning on doing a Spring DIY Challenge and giveaway some prizes. I wrote a little blurb about that on one of my blog posts and asked if anyone wanted to sponsor it with cash, giftcards, or prizes from their company. We’ll see if that works out. I contemplated using the fish foam as the contest sponsor, but I decided I will keep that separate. That gives me more interesting things to do on the blog that will attract interest. The prizes aren’t going to be huge, so if it comes out of pocket, that’s fine. It will also bring me more exposure, and it’s okay to pay a bit for exposure if that is something you’re willing or want to do. But it’s also very possible to gain exposure without spending any money, and I give you all kinds of tips here on this blog and in the Blog and Retire course.

Case Study Blog Stats

So we’re almost at the end of the month, but we have about a day and a half to go. But these stats will give you a good idea of how good my blog is doing as far as the numbers go. Numbers are very important in this business (well, in any business). Remember: Traffic = Money.

Here are my house blog stats for March so far:

  • Unique Visitors: 5,130
  • Number of Visits: 14,053
  • Number of Pageviews (not including my own): 26,080
  • Number of Hits (not including my own): 132,534
  • Links around the web: 498 so far this month
  • Search Keyphrases: 596 so far this month
  • Search Keywords: 767 so far this month
  • Twitter Tweets: 1,941, Following: 1267, Followers: 972
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 58


We’re almost done with March (pretty much just one more day). Next week I will give the official March results and we will compare them to January and February (even though Feb only had 29 days). We can also compare it to January which has the same amount of days, however, March kind of knocked January out of the park. But you’ll still see how much things have been increasing in just a couple months. It’s pretty awesome.

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