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Just How Many Blogs Are Out There?

I came across some blogging statistics and I’m going to go over them with you this week.

Today the statistic is:


Just what does this mean for you?

If you have a blog, it could mean a variety of things.

1. Lots of competition out there to get the attention of blog readers.

2. Lots of opportunities for working with other bloggers to the benefit of both parties.

3. Lots of places to comment and leave your backlink.

4. Lots of places to write a guest post.

5. Lots of bloggers to write a guest post for you.

What does this mean for you if you’re a blog reader?

1. You’re overwhelmed with the amount of blogs you could read and there’s no way for you to read them all!

My husband and I were watching a movie last night and we had to fast forward through the previews on the DVD (don’t you hate those DVDs that don’t allow you to go straight to the menu?). There were a LOT Of previews. I was thinking about how many movies are out there, and about how as the population grows, more movies will be made. So many that we won’t have enough time to watch them all. We already don’t have enough time to watch them all, but soon we won’t have enough time just to watch the GOOD ones.

As the population grows, so will the number of blogs. It’s already overwhelming out there. But you have to think about it this way:

There are 160 million blogs out there. Some don’t get any traffic, and some have been abandoned. Some people are doing it for fun, and some people are doing it for income.

But no matter how you look at it, there are 7 billion people on this planet and there are 2 billion people using the internet. That number will only grow. So everything is relative. Not every person will be able to read every blog, but if you write a very good blog, and if you promote your blog right, you can get a lot of people to read your blog. And you will be successful at it.

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