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Women’s Home Based Business Training – Step One of Your Online Money Trip

This is a guest post by Wendy at Single Mom Weekly.

Women’s Home Based Business Training – Diving In

Single Mom Home Based BusinessBusy women from every corner of the globe are looking for ways to make some extra cash by working from home.  Sounds like a good idea, right?  Well, the problem is that so many people start out excited and enthused, but run into a roadblock in their master plan. The problem? How to actually make money from their brand, spanking new women’s home based business.  Everyone claims it’s easy to make money online, but it’s hard finding enough time to learn the ropes of working from home.

I mean, who doesn’t fantasize about calling their own shots and setting their own schedule?  Who wouldn’t want to tell their boss to go jump in the lake? What could be better than doing all of these things from the comfort of your own home? Supposedly, all you need is a computer with internet access to get started with the latest craze of online email marketing.  Nobody ever tells you the whole truth, though.  Before you throw your piggy bank against the wall or dig into your mad brownie money, take a minute to ask some questions.  Who will you email?  What will you send? How often will you send it?  How will you make money?  How long will it be before I see some cash? All of these questions can be easily answered with the right women’s home based business training.

Women’s Home Based Business Training – Getting Started

Single Mom Home Based Business TrainingNo matter what program any slimy, slick salesman tries to sell you, you’re going to still need some basic marketing training to get started. The next question is how and where to get the best home based business training. A quick Google search will give you thousands if not millions of internet training results. Many internet gurus try to lure enthusiastic, unsuspecting entrepreneurs into their web of useless training programs.  However, so many of these so-called leaders don’t even use the methods they teach. Their business model is simply to build a list and market the latest and greatest product, business opportunity or service to their unsuspecting subscribers.  It is important to get the right home based business training from a credible source. A good way to know if a leader or mentor is credible is to ask these questions:

•    Are you willing to show me what you do with hands-on training?                        
•    Do you have any results directly related to the methods you’re teaching?
•    How many programs or products have you promoted in the last year?
•    How many marketing methods do you use in your business?
•    Do you provide Question and Answer sessions for your mentees?
•    Are you willing to back up your training with a money back guarantee?

Women’s Home Based Business Training – How to Select A Mentor

The sincere and honest women’s home based business training experts will be able to answer all of these questions without flinching.  Another way to find the home based business training that you need is to ask for referrals.  Anyone who is successfully working from home would be a good candidate for a referral or maybe even a mentor.

 Women’s Home Based Business Training with Rod Stinson

Single Mom SupportIf you have ever wondered how so many busy, single moms are able to work from home, tune in to the free nightly webinars presented by Rod Stinson and sponsored by Single Mom Weekly. Rod’s 27 years of home based business excellence, shows you how to build and market ANY home business the right way. Get more free tips, tools and techniques by downloading our complimentary  Home Biz Time and Money Savers E-Book. Download it today, only at

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2 Responses to 'Women’s Home Based Business Training – Step One of Your Online Money Trip'

  1. Gerald Martin says:

    It’s always good to connect with people who have already made it big in your dream home-based job. You can look for them in forums and, as mentioned here, through referrals. For example, if you’re looking for someone who has already made it big as an SEO reseller, you can try looking for them in the SEO-related forums. In other words, look for the places online where the people in your respective industry hang out.

    • Lisha says:

      Super great tips Gerald. I completely agree. It is actually pretty easy to find like-minded people, and it is a win-win when you develop relationships with said people 🙂


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