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The Blogging Basics – Haven’t Started a Blog Yet?

Essential Details About Earning Money Blogging

This is a very straightforward semi-boring article about blogging and making money blogging, but it’ll tell you what you need to know if you’re a beginner, so read on.

Blogs are not going anywhere soon, and several are benefiting from the popularity. Blogging to earn money is really a popular option for many home based business proprietors. Not a ton of people make money blogging, but that’s mainly because they’re not trying to, or they don’t know how.

There are lots of benefits to having a blog. They are really simple to setup, and also simple to update. This is also true when comparing blogs to other kinds of websites. In just a couple of minutes, you are able to generate a professional looking blog free of charge and begin your blogging business.

Your blog is a straightforward to update website that appears kind of just like a journal. You can create posts as often as you want, and the latest posts appear at the very top. Posts can range anywhere from a few words, just to give a quick thought, all the way up to 1000s of words, depending on the type of blog you run.

Visitors go to the blog by finding it through search engines, or by word of mouth. They can browse the new blog posts via what is called a Reader (through RSS feed). Click here if you don’t know what RSS is. Visitors may also discuss posts through a comment and supply links to their very own blog. You can do this on other people’s blogs too, and this will create more links around the internet that lead to your blog, which will help you rank higher in the search engines.

Lots of Income Opportunities

With blogging, the possibilities to earn money are extensive. Before you begin your blog, do your homework on the web to see if people are curious or interested in your possible blog subject. Your subject does not need to be popular, however it does need to have a devoted group who are curious about the subject, even if it seems like an unpopular topic, there are 7 billion people on this planet, so there’s still gonna be a lot of people interested.

Whenever you choose a topic, you can choose a small niche, or a large niche, it just depends on your personal goals for the blog and whether you plan to use other bloggers as leverage, or if you want to go it alone. It may be a good idea to find other bloggers in your niche that you can work with.

Some subjects like working from home or raising a child are extremely broad and also have an excessive amount of competition for visitors. You can be more specific in your blog topic and just get people who are interested in raising toddlers, for instance. Then, you can build a network of other bloggers who blog about the same or similar things. You can share readers with other bloggers by talking about each other’s blogs on your own blogs. This will bring more traffic (readers) to all of your blogs.

You are able to setup a blog site via a free blogging service, like or world wide, but you can’t make any money off a site. You can make money off a wordpress blog at (my free blogging platform I created). There are also many other free blogging platforms but they just aren’t as popular.

The blogging platform will usually take you step-by-step through making the first entry to your blog. Personally, I’ve found blogger to be really easy to use along with a good starting point going through what blogging is about if you’re new. However you might want to change to wordpress and host your own personal blog at your own self-hosted site when you are more knowledgeable, and when you feel you are ready to become a serious blogger, (especially when you’re beginning to earn money from blogging). Having your blog at your own domain is a more stable because then you don’t have to worry about google terminating your blog.

Also, if you think you’ll ever use WordPress, you might as well start with that because it’s a lot easier to switch a wordpress blog to another wordpress blog than to switch a blogger blog to a wordpress blog. It’s possible, but it’s just more complicated.

Once you have created at least 5-10 articles on your blog, you can begin to try to get traffic to  your blog. You need traffic in order to make money with a blog. If you are just going to have a few blog posts and try to get search engine traffic only, you need to have good SEO. SEO is just a fancy schmancy word for ranking high in the search engines for certain keywords. If you plan to make money with affiliate products you need to rank high for “buy” keywords (stuff that people are looking to buy). If you want to make good money blogging this way, you may need to create many small blogs in multiple niches. You probably won’t make much money off one blog that only has 5 posts.

If you want to create a huge following and make money by selling ad space on your blog, then you’ll want to create content often and update your blog a lot more. If you have tons of visitors, then you can charge tons for ad space. It’s that simple.  I would say that if you want a followers based blog, then you should wait until there is at least 10 posts to tell people about your blog. Then each week contribute 3-6 blog posts and tell people about it everywhere you can, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

How to Make the Moola

Once your blog is ready for monetization, you are going to have to make specific changes for your blog to be able to earn money. You can just write posts and wait for money to roll into your bank account.

One of the most popular ways to gain income money from a blog is to pay-per-click advertising like Google AdSense. Relevant ads will pop up for the people viewing your blog, based on other site’s they’ve previously visited.

For instance, for those whose blog is about children’s television and write articles about Sesame Street, the advertisements showing up alongside it may have related to that program. They could be links to searching for Sesame Street products, or perhaps an ad for vintage Sesame Street collectables selling on eBay. One factor to notice with contextual advertising is you will not need to bother about placing the advertisements yourself every day. When you go into the code in your blog, this program will instantly refresh the advertising whenever you create a new publish. You’ll be compensated several cents for every click. It may not seem like a lot per click, but it adds up overtime. The more people you have coming to your blog, the more clicks you’er likely to get.

Another way to make moola on a blog, as mentioned above, is to sell ad space yourself for a monthly price. You need to price it according to how much traffic you get. For more info on this, Read How Much to Charge for Ad Space on Your Blog.

There are lots of ways to make money with a blog. Check out 6 Ways to Make Money With a  Blog. If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment. I am always willing to help.

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4 Responses to 'The Blogging Basics – Haven’t Started a Blog Yet?'

  1. Blogging is definitely the way of the future. The opportunities online are endless. If you can build a successful blog or website online that generates a lot of traffic, it can very financially rewarding.

    Kind regards

    • Lisha says:

      yes, I completely agree. many people just aren’t patient enough to work at it long enough to see the results. That’s why people are skeptical of being able to make money online. It’s possible, but only for dedicated/disciplined/patient people.

  2. anik says:

    If you can post a successful blog or website online that generates a lot of traffic,you can get good financially rewarding.

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Anik, yes it’s true. You do need to generate a lot of traffic. Then you need to either have ads up, or convert that traffic into a buyer of some sort.

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