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Bring In Floods of Traffic With CloudFlood

As loyal readers are well aware, I created a non-comprehensive list of important sites every blogger should belong to or use.

There is an interesting new site, created by Glen Allsopp of (an awesome blog you should check out). The site is called and he created this service because it was something he wanted to use himself, and he figured other people might be interested in it too.

It is a way to get more exposure to your blog. You create a freebie, create a link to your freebie, then you go to cloudflood and set up your cloudflood button. You put the button somewhere visible on your blog, then if people want your freebie, they click the button and they Tweet or Facebook update about whatever you want them to, then they get redirected to the freebie you’re giving away.

Now here’s what you need to do.

Create a free 5-10 page report, mini ebook, or guide. Something that you can have a link to. Something that is relevant to your blog. Something that people would want to read, but not pay for.

For example, I have a free guide (How to Use Twitter Effectively) that people can obtain just by clicking the Like button at the Blog and Retire Facebook page, then clicking the welcome button (gray button with a white star). It’s the same idea with CloudFlood, only instead of people just Liking your page, they are sharing your blog! So it can bring in more traffic.

So, write up your report and put it up on a webpage in whatever format you want, it doesn’t even have to be a pdf. It can just be a page on your blog. It just has to have its own link.

Now go to

Fill out the following lines:

  • The Name of Your Freebie.
  • The Link to Your Freebie.
  • What you want people to Tweet or Facebook update when they click the share button.
  • The link to your blog, or any site you want to promote. You can only use the domain name, not pages on the domain with a url extension (for example, I couldn’t use, I could only use

Now you either select one of the “Share to Get” buttons, or you can upload your own picture. I suggest just choosing one of the Share to Get buttons. You can put up an image on your blog and then put the cloudflood Share to Get button next to it. This is probably the best way.

Once you have that all set up, put in the captcha code and click Create Button.

Copy the html code for the button and put it next to the image of your freebie.

Now when people want to read your free report, they will share your blog with their Facebook friends or Twitter followers first. This could quite possibly bring you a “Flood” of traffic. It will give you more exposure that your blog wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.

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