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How Joining Tidal Can Benefit Your Blogging Brand

build your blog brandWe hear this word being tossed around a lot lately: Brand. Building your “brand”. What the heck is a brand?

Basically long story short, a brand is how people know you and notice you. It is something that makes you recognizable and familiar to people. Your brand is what can make you popular (if you’re likeable). It can be a logo or a name. Your own name can be your brand, or you can create a business, company, or website brand name.

This blog’s brand is Blog and Retire. I think it has a nice ring to it! 😉

Well besides a name, your brand also has a topic. This blog’s topic is blogging for income. What’s your blog’s topic?

Tidal gives you the opportunity to build your blogging brand. They accept blogs from all sorts of topics: “fashion & beauty, sports, food, cooking… you name it.”

Here’s how it works

Go to (weird website url, am I right?) I keep thinking I need to add a .com in there somewhere! lol!

Sign up with your blog, choosing the appropriate topic. I signed up my house blog and I am now a part of the Bob Vila Nation. My blog’s posts have been featured on there quite a few times already.

There is an approval process, so you’ll have to wait to be approved. If your blog is awesome (which it should be) then you’ll be approved.

Once you’re approved you put the Tidal widget somewhere on your blog. It will show about 5 other posts that are being featured in your category. And if they select one of your blog posts to be featured, then that blog post will show up in other people’s Tidal widget on their blog.

When you click on a blog post in the Tidal widget, you are immediately redirected to that blog, to that post. So Tidal isn’t getting the pageview. You are!

For instance, on my house blog, I clicked on a blog post in my Tidal widget called “30 Storage Ideas for Under the Stairs” and it led me to this blog post: which is pretty cool.

So Tidal can help you build your Brand because you will be featured in the sidebar on the Tidal widget of other blogs in your niche. And you never know when that might bring in a new loyal reader for your blog, and give your blog more exposure, and more possibilities to be shared by others.

Click here to see the list of other sites you should be using to build more exposure to your blog.

What other blog friendly sites do you use to gain more exposure?

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2 Responses to 'How Joining Tidal Can Benefit Your Blogging Brand'

  1. Abby says:

    Always good tips from you, Lisha. I haven’t heard of Tidal before. I’m gonna check that one out!


    • Lisha says:

      Thanks for stopping by Abby. Tidal is pretty cool. I was pretty excited when my first post was featured on Bob Vila Nation 😉


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