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The Number One Way to Make Money Blogging

Blog and Retire Case Study Update Week 20

I’ve completed 20 weeks of the case study blog, and as I’ve said before, I’ve kind of been doing the B&R course out of order, in the order that works best for me. I wrote the course, so I know what’s in it and I know what needs to be done. Every blog is different. However, every blog can follow day by day what’s in the course in order to be on track for actually making an income from a blog.

What’s in Blog and Retire Week 20?

In my opinion, the number one way, my favorite way, to make money with a blog is by selling ad space. There’s not much direct work involved with setting up someone’s ad space on your blog if you set it all up correctly and efficiently.

The main focus for this week was selling ad space, how much to charge for ad space, how to set up an advertise page, how to set up paypal buttons with the subscription function so advertisers don’t have to re-purchase ad space on your blog each and every month. They can just unsubscribe once if they ever choose to stop advertising on your blog.

I also explain how to redirect buyers back to your site after PayPal and land on a success page (that you need to create) to explain what the advertiser should do once they’ve purchased ad space on your blog (for instance, they need to send you their image and link that they want up on your sidebar).

What I Did This Week

I’ve already set up advertising space and all the processes it takes to make that all happen. So this week I mainly just got my blogging on. I wrote blog posts, I commented on other blogs, I kept up with all my Twittering and Facebooking, etc.

I also got another guest post, so I put that up on the blog as well. It’s nice to get guest blog posts because it’s another day to have something for your readers that you don’t have to write yourself.

Am I making good money directly from my case study blog yet? Nope. Has anyone purchased ad space on my blog yet? Nope. I have made some money from sponsored blog posts, and I’m getting a lot of traffic, so it’s really only a matter of time. It’s literally a matter of time.

You see, it takes time to make money with a blog. You have to be patient, you have to be consistent, and you have to do what it takes to write good blog posts, attract people to your blog, promote your blog, and then be proactive in actually getting the money.

So far I haven’t been proactive about getting money. I’ve done all the other things to make my blog become more and more popular over time.

There will be a point in time when I will want to actively seek advertisers and sponsors for blog posts. For now, I’m content just building my blog up, and if your blog is new, you should be content with that too.

Case Study Blog Stats

This is always my favorite part. One of the things that can keep you blogging long term at first without monetary gain is to just look at your stats. Create competitions for yourself that you can beat each week and each month. It’s really awesome when you can double your stats from one month to the next. Do what it takes for that to happen and that will give you the motivation you need to make it to the point of actually making money with your blog.

Here are the case study blog stats so far for April:

  • Unique Visitors: 2,652
  • Number of Visits: 5,774
  • Number of Pageviews: 12,295
  • Number of Hits: 65,655
  • Links around the web: 254 so far this month
  • Search Keyphrases: 327 so far this month
  • Search Keywords: 531 so far this month
  • Twitter Tweets: 2,084, Following: 1,355, Followers: 1,067
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 63


You should check out the older Case Study updates to see how things compare. Like Last Week.

If you’d like to purchase the Blog and Retire eCourse, you can do so at But first, you need to sign up for Week 1 with your email address real quick. Once week 1 is over, then you can decide for yourself if you feel the rest of the course can help you build a successful blog. You shouldn’t buy the ecourse if you don’t even know if you like it, or if it’s right for you… so sign up for Week 1 to find out if it’s something that would be useful for you.

I’m not anything special. I’m a normal person who’s willing to work for what I want. I’m patient and disciplined and I learn as I go. I wasn’t born with special skills, just a brain and a desire to succeed, like you I’m sure. So anyone can follow what’s in the ecourse and succeed. I believe in you. Do you?

Blog and Retire – One Year Action Plan to Blogging for Income

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