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How to Leverage Old Blog Posts to Get More Pageviews

traffic=moneyYou write and write. Sometimes daily. And your blog posts just get pushed farther and farther into your archives as you add more posts on top.

I’m all about residual, people. Residual income, and leverage of work I’ve already done to keep me making more residual income. It’s about working smarter, not harder, or longer…

It is one of the reasons creating digital products (like ebooks) are a great use of your time. You write it once, but as long as the information or story is relevant for years to come, that will bring in residual income for you.

Same goes for your blog posts.

What’s one of the ways you can make money from a blog?


How do you get money from those advertisements?

Having as many pageviews as possible.

What’s one way to grow your pageviews, without doing more work?

Setting up an automated system to Tweet or announce the titles and links to your old blog posts.

How do you write blog posts so that they can be relevant for a long time?

Write about things that can be relevant for a long time.

The news is typically not relevant for longer than a week, sometimes only days (and even still, sometimes only hours!). Yes, there are those big trials that span for months, but most news is only important to people the day it happens. Technology is another thing that’s typically only relevant for a few months (and again, sometimes DAYS!). And the longer we live, the shorter new technology lasts. Technology is changing faster and faster, partially because the world is populating faster and faster, so there are more people to be able to come up with new things, or help huge corporations come up with new things. Unless your blog is a history blog that people will be interested in reading about later, write evergreen content: stuff that is relevant for a long time (or forever).

Math and grammar are two things that will (or should never) change.

Also, how-to-do-things blog posts are typically helpful for at least a few years, and sometimes decades. How to play a musical instrument, how to cook, how to drive a car, how to cut hair or do hair styles, etc.

How to Leverage Old Relevant Blog Posts for More Pageviews?

Now that you have a blog with evergreen content that has posts that will be relevant for years (hopefully), what do you do so you’re not constantly on Twitter wasting all your time tweeting about your old blog posts? Well, there are many ways to automatically tweet your old blog posts without ongoing work involved.


UPDATE: TweetAdder is no longer available. For one thing, there’s TweetAdder. You can set up any Tweets you want and have it Tweet however often you want. You can set up old blog posts with the links and TweetAdder will tweet it for you over and over until you tell it to stop. If you have all your blog posts in your TweetAdder system, you can have it tweet randomly, as often as you’d like.

I purchased TweetAdder, I use TweetAdder, I love TweetAdder, and so I have also become an affiliate for TweetAdder. I’m only an affiliate for things I’ve used and would recommend, so click here if you’d like TweetAdder for yourself.

Other software

TweetDemon, Twidium, Followliker, and TwitterDub are all useful to tweet old blog posts in a recurring nature. I have personally used TweetDemon and Twidium and have heard great things about FollowLiker and TwitterDub as well.

Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

Another free old blog post Tweeter is a WordPress plugin called Revive Old Posts – formerly known as Tweet Old Posts (and it’s free). That means you need a WordPress blog in order for it to work. So if you don’t have WordPress, you can still use other tools.

You can get Revive Old Post on WordPress by going to this link, or by going to your WordPress dashboard and going to Plugins, searching Revive Old Post and installing the plugin. Then you need to activate it. Once it’s activated, go to your plugins page and find Revive Old Post. Click on Settings. Set it up (it’s pretty self-explanatory) and make sure you go to the bottom and click “Update Revive Old Post Options”. Then you can click “Authorize” at the top to hook up to your Twitter account (you will have to login and click authorize).

Social Media Marketing Services

You can also hire someone to do your social media for you. There are many social media managers out there, but I created my social media services, Twonder Woman, specially for bloggers (because that’s how I started out online, so I have a soft spot in my heart for bloggers) and small businesses. So I can set up your recurring tweets for you, among a bunch of another nifty things. So then you can save time for other important things for your boosting your blog or business.

Now go leverage your old blog posts so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time writing them! And don’t forget to subscribe to new Blog and Retire posts by email so you can learn more awesome things to help you with your blogging business!

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6 Responses to 'How to Leverage Old Blog Posts to Get More Pageviews'

  1. Steph says:

    Another awesome posting by you Lisha! Keep up the informative & great work.I learn a litttle from you in everything you blog about.Thanks!

  2. Blogging is work especially if you are trying to post value content. I appreciated this article because I have some older posts that are still relevant. Thanks for sharing! To the archives!

    • Lisha says:

      Hey Roosevelt! I’m glad I gave you an idea so you can still use your old blog posts 🙂 Thanks for stopping by


  3. Since I’m reading this 2012 post in 2015, I suppose it’s a great example of an evergreen post (which I had to look up when you referenced it in today’s post!!) LOL Awesome info. So glad I found you!

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Lisa, Yes, as a matter of fact it is! For the most part, this blog post is still useful. But you caught my eye and now I have been able to update the parts that are out-of-date, like the fact that TweetAdder is no longer available, and that I now offer social media services to save entrepreneurs their precious valuable time! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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