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How to Manage a Blog on Vacation Without Internet Access

Blog and Retire Case Study Week 24

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I just recently returned from a week long trip without internet access. My husband and I traveled around the southwestern United States to see some sites like Sedona/Sliding Rock Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Las Vegas (Las Vegas only because it was halfway home. I still have yet to understand why people go there more than once).

So how do you manage a blog and keep it going without being present on the internet for a week?

You have to schedule blog posts in advance, schedule Tweets in advance, and let everyone know that you won’t be able to reply until you get back. Also, being on vacation does not affect your search engine traffic, so that’s a plus.

I could have stopped at Starbucks each day to do work, or stayed at hotels with WiFi, but I chose not to. First of all, we were camping for most of the trip, because that’s how we roll. Also, I wanted to take a full week off the computer. But I was definitely freaking out about how much work I was going to have to do when I got back. I tried to calm myself by telling myself it doesn’t matter. It’s my business, and it’s my life, and people can wait. They won’t die without me. And it’s true. I don’t think anyone died just because I wasn’t at the computer for a week. Everyone survived. And here I am back into the groove of things.

So don’t be afraid to take a vacation. Don’t be afraid to take some days off the computer all together. It’s a super rejuvenating experience, and although I didn’t at all think about my blogs while I was gone, my brain is still full of stuff to talk about, even though the stuff coming out of my brain is completely unrelated to a trip to the Grand Canyon.

So how does a week away from the internet affect traffic? Well, for one thing, because I took my computer with me (to watch movies on) and didn’t keep it hooked up to TweetAdder, I didn’t have very many Tweets going out (which is how I get most of my daily traffic that I actually work for).

I also didn’t interact with anyone on social media, and I also didn’t comment on other blogs (which has the potential to get you some traffic).

I also scheduled less blog posts than usual because we decided to leave for our trip a day earlier than planned.

So needless to say, my blog is not fully automated. I have to be here to get some of my traffic. But I do not have to be here to get all of my traffic. In fact, by not being here, my traffic only decreased by about 30%. That means about 70% of my traffic does come automatically, without me doing much at all.

Even though I didn’t have TweetAdder going, I still have 3 RSS feed readers automatically tweeting my blog posts on Twitter, and at least one posting on Facebook each time a post is published (both to my profile and my blog’s fan page).

And like I said before, search engine traffic takes no actual work from myself (besides just writing good relevant content). So that traffic comes no matter where I am or what I do.

So this vacation without internet access was a good experiment, and I’m happy to say that I will be glad to do the same again a few times a year. Even if it does sacrifice 30% of my traffic, it is only temporary.

I know I will be taking at least 5 days off for my wedding anniversary in July, and another few days in August to finally catch the Celine Dion concert that was originally cancelled back in March. And again in November, my husband and I are planning on taking a trip to Nicaragua for a few weeks. While there, I will periodically do a little work every few days, but for the most part, I won’t have internet access there either.

For the rest of May, I have a lot of work to do to catch up to be on par with the case study house blog stats I’d like to be at, and I probably won’t reach my goals, but I’ll still get a lot more traffic in the next 3 weeks, so I’m not really worried. You can’t sweat the small stuff. You can only do what you can do, and not worry about the stuff you can’t control.

So, the past week, while I was gone, was week 24 of the Blog and Retire Case Study Blog. In Week 24 of the B&R ecourse, the main thing I suggest to do besides the regularly scheduled tasks is to submit your blog to So if you have a blog, go ahead and do that. It’s just another blog directory. It’s another site where your blog can be found and it gives you another backlink.

Case Study Blog Stats

Here are the house blog stats for May so far:

  • Unique Visitors: 1,590
  • Number of Visits: 3,359
  • Number of Pageviews: 6,405
  • Number of Hits: 47,717
  • Links around the web: 227 so far this month
  • Search Keyphrases: 271 so far this month
  • Search Keywords: 486 so far this month
  • Twitter Tweets: 2,407, Following: 1,374, Followers: 1,211
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 83


Click here to check out last week where I give you the stats for the full month of April.

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