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How to Pay Off Your Student Loans in 7 Months

paying off student loansI recently came across a blog post that talked about a guy who decided to pay off his $91,000 he had left on his student loans. He gave himself 10 months to do it, but he accomplished it in 7. He did it just this past year and he made his final huge payment of over $23,000 in March.

His name is Joe and you can read the story at his blog where he documented his story at

Here is the video he created to sum up his accomplishment:

My husband and I bought our first house just 2 months after we got married. Less than 3 years later, we sold it for $50,000 more than we paid for it (after only putting in $17,000 in repairs). We used that money to pay off most the debt we had, but we wanted to keep some of the money in savings, so now we have a little nest egg. Now we have no credit card debt, and my husband’s student loans are paid off. Now we just have my student loans and then we will be completely debt free (because we currently rent). Joe’s story has inspired me.

I tend to throw more than the minimum payment toward my student loans each month. I want to pay it off sooner rather than later because, quite frankly, interest sucks. I’m not going to take a specific stand and say that I’m going to change my entire lifestyle to pay off my student loans in less than a year, but I do know that I will be more mindful of putting more money toward my student loans each month, now that I have had a boost of inspiration.

I love inspiring stories like this. Have you ever tried to pay off any form of debt, whether it be credit cards, mortgage, or student loans? Has this inspired you to live your life differently, with or without a plan to erase debt?

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2 Responses to 'How to Pay Off Your Student Loans in 7 Months'

  1. RCONNORIII says:

    Anything is possible if you make it you # 1 priority. Have a great day on purpose!

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Connor, Yes, I believe anything is possible. It is about getting your priorities straight. People who don’t accomplish their goals, it’s not because they can’t. Because they don’t do what it takes.


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