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How to Run an Effective Online Business Part 8


SEOAn email from one of my Blog and Retire students got me thinking. What does it take to become successful? Her comments to me made me realize that one of the most important qualities is self-discipline. If you are not self-disciplined, you better go get yourself a job, boss, and manager to keep an eye on you.

If you can set up your daily goals, to-do list, and be disciplined enough to get it done each day, then you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and make money online, on your own.

As silly and simple as this sounds, getting out of bed is the first step in a self-employed person’s day. If there is not job to go to where you have-to-clock-in-or-you’ll-be-fired, then you have to have the self-discipline to set your alarm clock, or at least just get up at some point to do some work.

Personally, I don’t wake up from an alarm clock. I keep sleeping until I feel too guilty to sleep any longer. I know in my mind how much I need to do each day, so I know I can’t just sleep all day every day. I could do the bare minimum every day, but I’d rather get ahead than slack off. I’ll be honest and say that sometimes I don’t wake up til noon, but that’s usually the result of exhaustion from working too much/too late the day before, or dealing with personal crises (which, if you ask me, happens way too often in my life).

I like having the freedom of being able to work late if I want to, and then sleep in the next day. Or drop everything one day to rescue a family member and then zonk out all day the next day to recoup from the previous day’s emotional events.

I like having that freedom. I would not be able to live my life this way if I had a 9-6 (or any other scheduled job for that matter). So I stay disciplined so I can continue to create my own schedule every day. If I was not self-disciplined, I would have to go out and get a regular J-O-B (which I would hate).

I know some people don’t mind having a job, and that’s all good. But as for me, I don’t think I was meant to work for “the man”. Some people might think that’s snooty of me, but I don’t care. I don’t have this mindset because I’m a snob, or because I’m lazy. I feel that way because I like freedom and doing what I love for an income. I want to accomplish my own goals, rather than the goals of a boss, or rich store owner.

I’m very service oriented, so it’s not that I don’t like to help people or that I’m lazy so I don’t want to wake up at 7am every morning (although, I prefer not to wake up that early). It’s just that everyone is different. I function better from 10am-1am than 7am-11pm. I like to do things on my own terms, and I know that if I do things that work better for me, I can better serve other people.

If you are disciplined enough to work until 10pm at night sometimes because you wake up a couple hours later than the rest of your time-zone, then you are self-disciplined enough to work for yourself.

The point is, you gotta get it done. No one is going to do it for you. If you want to work for yourself and run your own successful business, you have to do the work it takes. If you are self-disciplined enough to get your work done each day, who cares what time of day you do your work?

If you just want to mess around every day, and sleep or play all day, then chances are, you’re not self-disciplined enough to run an effective successful business of your own.

No amount of knowledge could take the place of the self-discipline you would need to work at home online. You can read the how-tos to your death-bed, but if you don’t hunker down and do what it takes, it’s not gonna happen.

There is no hand-holding when you work at home online. The computer won’t force you to turn it on and get to work, so you have to have it inside of you to be able to get it done.

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2 Responses to 'How to Run an Effective Online Business Part 8'

  1. Dragan Palla says:

    Good point Lisha. To run an effective online business you need to dedicate yourself completely. It takes a lot of effort and patience and it will not happen overnight.

    For me very important thing is to be consistent.
    Unlike you I have a full-time-job 8-4 and obviously I can’t post every day. My posting schedule is once a week, it works for me and I stick it. In this way consistent posting schedule allow my readers to know when they can expect something from me.

    Btw, I didn’t know you sleep so late 8-O.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Dragan, I completely agree. Yes, I have made this my full time job, so I try to add lots of content. I do not think that’s mandatory at all. I have noticed that you are extremely consistent, posting a new post every single monday and I do admire you for that! I think when you are consistent, people know what to expect from you, and if you’re writing quality content (like you do), you don’t have to write a ton of posts to offer value to your readers (as you do).

      Yep, my schedule is shifted a bit compared to most of the world, but I like it that way 🙂

      Also, I don’t have children, so that’s why that’s possible, lol! I would not be able to do that if I had kids. I would be waking up early and going to bed early, for obvious reasons 🙂


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