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How to Write Effective SEO Content

This is a guest post written by Pamela Jones at SEO Freelance Writing.

SEOWith all the Google Panda and Penguin changes, it’s more important now than ever to write high quality SEO content that will attract visitors to your website or blog. No matter what your web business or blog is about, when it comes to having an online presence, you must have content that is more than “average.”

It must be optimized for the search engines while conveying a message to visitors. And it doesn’t stop there. To succeed at writing effective SEO content, engage in the following four steps:

1) Write SEO content that’s easy to read.

It is important to note that most people read the internet different from the way they read a print book. While they will read a book word-to-word, with internet reading, they skim.

This means they scan it quickly in search of the information they’re seeking. Given this difference, web content needs to be easy to read. This is achieved with short paragraphs, bullet points, numbered lists and subheadings.

2) Make your SEO content informative.

The internet audience is hungry for information that answers their questions in a clear, informative, and yes, entertaining way. Nobody wants to be bored to sleep while reading information that is supposed to help them. Along with this, nobody wants to read poorly written content loaded with misspelled words and repeated sentences. Believe it or not, this is commonly seen on the internet.

To write such content is actually insulting to readers; for it sends an impression that the website owner or blogger doesn’t care about the quality of the material being presented to his or her visitors.

Show your visitors that you care by giving them high quality SEO content that’s easy to read, informative and entertaining. They will appreciate it and show it with their comments. And best, you’ll see great results with increased sales.

3) Make sure your SEO content is the right length.

Web content varies in length. Not all web pages and blog posts have to be 500 words. Some can be longer; others can be shorter. The key to this situation is this: being able to answer your visitors’ concerns.

So in other words, if you can answer your visitors’ concerns in 300 words, then this is enough. There’s no need to keep dragging the same point out. If more words are needed, then keep the words flowing until the point is fully made.

4) Write naturally.

Web content should be written with relevant keywords embedded in it. How is this done? It’s done in a natural flow. Better explained, include keywords in sentences that flow naturally and make sense to your visitors.

It’s very important to mention that the biggest SEO copywriting sin – keyword stuffing – should be avoided. Furthermore, it’s intolerable with Google.


There are no shortcuts to producing high quality SEO content. To even think so is a false presumption. Taking time to produce well-written web content is worth the effort, especially when it compels your readers to take action that works in your favor.

About the Author

A veteran writer of 17 years, I’ve been working as a certified SEO copywriter for two years. As part of my writing duties, I can deliver the following optimized content in an informative and entertaining manner: SEO articles, blogs, press releases, and more. To contact me regarding my services, email me at

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One Response to 'How to Write Effective SEO Content'

  1. After google penguin update website content is more important now because it hit a lot of websites due to low quality and copied content. Your tips and guidelines are very effective to write an impressive and effective content.

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