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Get Your Blog on Television

Social Media and Blog Networks are great for getting your blog more exposure, but have you ever thought about getting your blog on TV?

Blogs are so mainstream right now, and for some reason, blogs have a lot of credibility these days. If you write a quality blog, your blog could even end up on TV. You don’t even have to be a professional anymore to be recognized for your talents. You just have to be good at what you do.

Have you heard of The Nate Show? Nate Berkus is a designer (Oprah’s designer to be specific. I wonder how he got his own show? hmmm…). The Nate Show is all about interior design (and he also adds tidbits about fashion and such). Well, I cannot count how often he has a blogger on the show for their own segment. The bloggers he brings on the show are obviously part of that niche, design and fashion. Now the Nate Show might not be airing anymore, but that’s irrelevant to the fact that there are plenty of options to get your blog on tv. There are all types of shows, and bloggers have the possibility of getting on TV, and that can bring your blog tons of exposure.

Even if you don’t get on national television, you can still get local exposure. Take the news for example. The news also features bloggers often. Journalists are out there daily, trying to find interesting stories about the area in which they preside.

I had this idea. Bloggers should find a few other bloggers in their area that blog about the same topics. Then present that to the news so be featured in a segment. “Local Bloggers Blog About You Name It”

The hard part is getting your idea in front of the journalist who may want to feature your story. Well, many TV news journalists and anchors are now on social media, like Twitter. Follow and interact with your local news team on Twitter. Build a little relationship with them. And build some credibility as a reliable source for interesting news topics. Finally, when the time is right, get your blog buddies together and pitch your blog story to your local news team.

This could take some time and some work, but in the end it will be worth it because you could potentially get hundreds of thousands of people to find out about your blog.

The next step is for them to actually like your idea. So you have to present the idea in an interesting way. A way that will appeal to the viewers.

The number one thing is to have a really quality blog. Awesome blogs may or may not get on TV, but a crappy blog will never get the exposure on TV that you desire.

What do you think? Would you work to get your blog on TV?

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7 Responses to 'Get Your Blog on Television'

  1. Ernesto says:

    I know Lisha… You must be expecting a loooong comment.
    Can I boil it down? to 1 word?

  2. Edward Smith says:

    I coach authors how to get on TV and I can tell you that you are on the right track. Thanks, Edward Smith.

  3. I absolutely could get my blog to work on tv or radio – I am working on it right now!

  4. it is right that our blog can be play on television and is very simple because it time is very advance time and technology has very large field it provide many advantage of any blogger.

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