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6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Be Combined With Social Media

This is a guest post by Brendan at

With the fast-paced development in all fields of life, newer and more effective ways to promote/advertise products has also been congruent to it. An innovative marketing strategy or idea is not something that everyone can come by.

However, when marketers combine different types of marketing techniques with other marketing-related tools they come up with very useful and effective combinations.

Email Marketing

One of the newer types of marketing strategies is Email marketing. As the term makes it obvious, it is the type of marketing that enables marketers to communicate their desired message directly to the target audience using electronic mail. Email marketing has a lot of advantages. That is the reason why it is becoming more and more popular among marketers these days.

Social Media Marketing

Another relatively new concept of social media has also emerged. Social media refers to the form of electronic communication done on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Orkut, etc. The major advantage of these is that they provide a cheap platform for marketing all around the globe.

Moreover, advertising can be done for free. Just make a page or community on any networking site, keep the users’ interests up by introducing draws, discounts, etc. for spreading the message and keep on updating the isers on the latest developments in your services or product.

Combining the Social with the “E”

It is said that the most successful type of marketing is when you combine social media and Email marketing. To learn more about Email marketing, social media, and how these two terms have been successfully combined to give productive results, read on.

  • By employing both the techniques in your marketing plan, you get access to the pros of both and this way you can eventually come up with a unique, yet very useful, marketing strategy that is customer specific and broad at the same time.
  • By combining these two the company would have a bigger platform and would be able to reach a greater number of people in an easier way.
  • Both these resources can be employed using relatively lesser resources in terms of time, money, and efforts, and this is because of the fact that these two complement each other.
  • Websites that promote social media also benefit from Email marketing and social media techniques because the popularity of these networks goes up and thus the amount they receive per user also increases.
  • The more the popularity of a website, the more the companies would be willing to pay them for every ad posted on their website.
  • Some of the other advantages are time-saving, accessibility, personalization, coverage of a larger audience and simplicity.


For small businesses or those businesses that do not want to spend much on its advertising, this combination indeed is the best solution of marketing. It has also proven to be very successful as is apparent from the thousands of Facebook pages selling some commodity. The groups on Twitter and the number of followers of each group is also a testimony to this fact. To learn more about email marketing and social media, consult specialist who will give you the best advice.

About the Author:

Brendan Egan runs a successful SEO firm, Simple SEO Group. The firm aims to provide services to small businesses trying to make a mark in the cyber world. To learn more about the services offered, visit

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