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Blog and Retire Case Study Week 35

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What’s in It and What Did I Do?

Blog and Retire Week 35 focuses on creating a free and purchase product to sell on your blog, and also contacting companies who could potentially advertise on your blog. Both of these things can create an income from your blog.

I’ve been doing a lot of sponsored posts at the house blog, getting paid to write an article on the topic of my choice, revolving around one link to their site with the anchor text of their choice. I was getting way too many guest post inquiries, so this has been weeding some of them out, and getting me some money while I’m at it. I always say, you’re already writing blog posts, you might as well get paid for it.

So join sites like Social Spark where you can get people to pay you to write posts. Other than that, just mention it somewhere on your blog that you do sponsored posts. Some people aren’t willing to pay the money, but if you’re getting a lot of people who want to write guest posts for you, this is another good option for you.

I charge one fee if they write the guest post themselves. The charge is for the link. I charge double if I write the article for them. Now, before you go all cray cray (crazy) on me, I allow bloggers to guest post for free. But companies are always comin’ all up in my business trying to get their links on my blog. Well, I figure if they really want them, they can pay for them, and if it’s not worth the money to them, it’s not worth it for me to put their link in my website.

Case Study Blog Stats

Here are the case study blog stats for July so far:

  • Unique Visitors: 6,403
  • Number of Visits: 14,812
  • Number of Pageviews: 32,879
  • Number of Hits: 216,711
  • Links around the web: 821
  • Search Keyphrases: 969
  • Twitter Tweets: 3,919, Following: 1,875, Followers: 1,652
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 104


Tune in next week to see how July’s stats came to a close. This is looking like the house blog’s best month yet, and that’s with minimal effort.

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