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How to Hide a WordPress Post or Page From Search Engines

hide a page from googleIf you don’t want a page on your blog to be indexed and visible to the whole world on search engines like Google, then you need to upload a plugin (that’s the easiest way).

There are two plugins and they both work basically the same way. It’s really all a matter of whether you like a drop down box to select options, or just clicking those little round buttons next to options.

If you like to choose options by drop box, upload WordPress Meta Robots:

If you like to choose options by clicking little round buttons, upload Robots Meta:

*Note: Robots Meta is no longer supported or updated and has now been replaced with Yoast SEO. You can download Yoast SEO by going to your wordpress dashboard, clicking on Plugins, Add New, and searching Yoast SEO in the search box. Download, install, and activate.

If you don’t want a page to be indexed, select one of the noindex options.

Difference Between Follow and Nofollow

There is noindex, follow and noindex, nofollow.

The difference between follow and nofollow is if you choose follow, Google will still use that page to distribute some of your page rank. So if you don’t want that page to get some of your site’s pagerank, then choose the nofollow.

However, if you have really awesome relevant content on there that Google can follow, then choose follow because it could then help your site’s overall pagerank.

If the page is mainly just PDF documents, choose nofollow. If links to said PDFs have awesome keywords, you may want to choose follow.

But either way, this part of the meta robots plugin is not as important as making sure you choose noindex.

Now you can keep any WordPress page or post from being seen in search results.

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4 Responses to 'How to Hide a WordPress Post or Page From Search Engines'

  1. When I make a post and upload a video in a WordPress post it shows as a link! I want the video to show up in the post not a link! Do I need to install a plug-in or something? Help!

  2. Laurence says:

    “Robots Meta” is outdated and “Meta Robots” seems to have few options. I recommend “Add Meta Tags” instead:
    Plenty of options and you can choose your own meta tags both globally and on individual pages or posts.

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Laurence, I will check that one out. So far I have had no problems with robots meta or meta robots. I have both of them installed and I set both of them to nofollow and noindex when I don’t want a search engine to find a page.

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