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How to Get Your Old Blog Posts to Keep Working for You

I just came across a very cool article. One thing about blogging is that it seems like you have so much upkeep. Well, there are ways to use work you’ve already done to keep working for you.

Check out this article below by Kivi Leroux Miller, found on

“12 Ways to Repurpose Old Content into New”

You don’t always have to write a brand new post every day in order for people to keep coming in your blog. There are some really great tips in there that will give you some ideas of other ways to use your old blog posts so you can work less and gain more. You can change the wording, you can add ideas to, or change the format of your blog posts (say to videos or podcasts).

This is similar to one of my earlier blog posts but with a different twist:

How to Leverage Old Blog Posts to Get More Pageviews

One of the best ways to be a successful entrepreneur is to be efficient and come up with ideas that will help you work less, while still getting the benefits from the work you’ve already done.

And while I’m talking about how to become a successful entrepreneur, here’s another very motivational article about how success only comes after failure (sometimes huge failure). This article made me want to fail BIG TIME, because the more you take risks, the more likely your chances for success.

Some of the things you do will be flops. Some ideas won’t work. But then there will come a day when that one idea flourishes. And it won’t happen unless you get to work, take action, and take some risks. Read Fail Fast to Succeed, by Daniel Watrous.

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6 Responses to 'How to Get Your Old Blog Posts to Keep Working for You'

  1. Dragan Palla says:

    That’s great 11 ways on how to use your old posts.
    Personally I like the idea of making an e-book of the archive content.

    Sometimes I have no idea what to write about for my next post, but the solution is actually in front of my nose :).

    Thanks Lisha for the great resources.

  2. Lisha says:

    I agree that making an ebook out of a blog is a very good idea. 🙂

  3. Gwyneth H says:

    Yeah that’s right, you can repurpose your old content and still make money out it. We covered this topic too on our blog. Some bloggers haven’t realised this strategy yet.

    Great job, Lisha!

  4. I have updated some of my old blog posts (on Blogspot) but when I opened Google Reader to check google cached, the blog posts are still NOT updated, and still have old stuff that I put there last year. I’ve been waiting a few days and hoping google cached will update the blog posts, but nothing has worked. What can I do?

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