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10 Tips For Writing Your Own Blog

This is a guest post by Vinny Michaels.

Writing your own blog can be a fun way to practice writing. Depending on how good you are, you may even be able to make some money. There are a lot of blogs out there, so competition for your viewing eyes is fierce. But even writers who are not great have a chance to be well read. Here are 10 tips on writing your own blog.


A lot of people will put out a blog, and simply write what is on their mind. This is great of course, but make sure your blog has paragraphs. It is difficult to follow long stories if all the words run together. Many people will simply not read a blog if it is not in paragraphs.

Read Aloud

Once you write a post, you should read it out loud. Sometimes the first time around, we may omit something important without knowing it. Reading it out loud will force you to read it slower, not only that but hearing the post out loud will help catch errors.

Go All Out

When you write your rough draft, just put your thoughts out there. The first rough draft may have mistakes or other issues, but if you concentrate too much on grammar or readability you could slow yourself down. You will have plenty of time to look at the errors and fix.

Keep it Short

Say what you want to say, but do not ramble on. Since most people have short attention spans, you want your writing to captivate them, at the same time do not bore them. Many people read blogs while doing other stuff, so keeping it short and sweet will keep their attention.

Wrong Words

Spell check is great, but it will not catch a word that is spelled right, but not the right word. For example too and to, or bear and bare. Just a quick read through should suffice. Remember, one word could change the whole meaning of a sentence.

Send to Friends

Before posting, have a friend read the blog post. They do not necessarily have to be an expert in English, just to see how it reads to the average person. They can spot any obvious errors or even sentences that are difficult to comprehend.

Write for All

You should write your blog post at a low level so everyone can understand. Remember, not all of your readers may be native English speakers. Newspapers routinely do this.

Topics You Love

Write about things you love, this will make it much easier. When you write about a subject you enjoy, the words will flow easier and it will not seem like work.

Give Credit

If you use any source for your information, give credit. Not only is it the right thing to do, in some areas it is legally required.

No Slang

Try to put as little slang in your postings as possible. This could cause confuse for non native speakers, or even native speakers who are not familiar with the term. This could confuse some readers and turn them off.

Anyone who loves what they are writing about should have a good time blogging. One does not need to be a professional writer to do well in blogging. They do want to engage their readers, and make sure that all levels can understand their writing. Once you master these tips writing will come with ease.

About the Author

Vinny Michaels writes about blogging, finance & more at

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2 Responses to '10 Tips For Writing Your Own Blog'

  1. Christina says:

    Thanks you for this post. It helps a lot!

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