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6 Tips to Become the Best Blogger

This is a guest post by Mary.

Today, one of the most common things that teenagers and young adults do online is keep their blogs updated. For people who haven’t started a blog, it would be a good idea to create one.

In the first place, you need to go with the general concept that blogging these days isn’t just providing a means of communicating with the rest of the people whom you do not see directly in person, but rather, it has now even become a means of business. In fact, they simply call it online business or an online form of earning.

Nowadays, the world wide web has been providing passive income to lots of people. Among the many ways that one could use the net are paid surveys, campaigns, or direct product selling. And you can use a blog to back up anything you do online.

Blogging has become a means of advertising. It has become a venue for people to let other people know about the products they own and sell. At the same time, it has even become its own way of letting people know who they are. In this case, people publicize themselves through their own blog.

Despite the various truths about blogging, not everyone can grasp all it takes to become successful in blogging. Meaning to say, not all who own blogs could really be successful at it. Well, this article has some of the most important tips to consider for you to become one of the best bloggers.

1. Know Who You Are

In the first place, it is very important to do a self assessment. By doing so, you’ll be able to make yourself unique from what you usually see in other blogs. Take note, there should be something in you – creativity, comprehension, and confidence. In general, your blog should mirror your skills, knowledge, and attitude. Creativity is needed for you to appreciate what’s dull and what’s not. Comprehension is the ability to understand abstract and basic forms of posts provided and shared. Confidence is significant too, knowing that not all will appreciate your blog. Hence, build your self-esteem so no one pulls you down.

2. Know Your Goals And Objectives

Before you actually get to work, you should know what you want out of it. Figure out what your goals are for your blogging. Your specific objectives make up the list to be achieved in every step of the process.

3. Create A Strategic Plan

The plan to be created should be achievable and attainable after considering the length of time for the blog to be worked on and the division and target people to be attended to. Knowing your target leads to a more realistic and a measurable outcome.

4. Take An Initial Step

If you don’t take the first step, you’ll never be successful, so at some point, you just need to start blogging. It is likewise very important to know and take a little step before going further. By doing this, you’ll be certain to waste no extra time and effort from having to revise and change everything you’ve done for your blog.

5. Implement

Implementing should abide with the goal and objectives you have proposed. Your blog should:

• Write in a Conversational Tone
If you write in a conversational tone, people can easily understand you and relate to you. Take note that one of your main responsibilities and objectives in creating a blog is to build a community. It would be a better idea knowing that the blog should possibly maintain an open relationship rather than making it closed. Conversational tones make people feel like they know you and that makes them feel more comfortable with writing comments and such.

• Go For Community Building
As a blogger, it is nice knowing that the audience you build up are your own audience. However, you do not just stick with the people who are currently coming to your blog, but also, trying to attract new people to the blog. In simple understanding, it is maintaining your usual members yet still seeking more.

• Always Use Common Sense
As a blogger, do not settle for mediocrity. You need to have a balance between simplicity and complex explanations. Some people won’t be interested if only simple topics were discussed at your blog. Take note, the cognitive ability of people differ. Hence, always be clever to know what the people would want to be posted at your blog. Never be too abstract, at the same time, never be too shallow minded. You need balance to attract the most people.

• Leave A Space For Comment
Most of the people want interactive communication. Not everyone will readily leave a comment on a blog, but you need to make sure people feel welcome to do so. There needs to be a venue for them to leave comments and feedback of the posts you provide. From this, you just don’t post anything to be read but rather, you leave something that people have to learn about. It should be something that creates curiosity and a demanding statement to really get people to respond by leaving comments.

• Provide Simple and Adequate Answers
Always respond to comments. Don’t leave anyone hanging. By doing so, you are sure that the visitors and guests will come back. As a blogger, it is important to always respond. Be reminded that it should create an interactive communication with you and your community.

6. Evaluate

After that, know what your blog has achieved. In the case where you see some bad points and things to be improved, do so. You must find a way to attract new guests and visitors while retaining the old ones.

The tips presented above are the most simple and basic points to become the best blogger. An interactive community is what you must try to build a blog, understand the people who read your posts, and to achieve success. Understanding yourself and what the people want, will lead you down a better road to success in the blogging industry.

About the Author

Mary of GPT shares her knowledge on how to make cash from the internet and makes it possible for one to earn extra income from home.

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4 Responses to '6 Tips to Become the Best Blogger'

  1. I agree with many points made on this piece. What sticks out more, to me, is number one. Knowing who you are is very important in blogging, and doing anything in life. It’s what makes you a success at anything that you do. In blogging, it keeps you from going after the “trends.” Also confidence is key. The reason being is because sharing personal thoughts and ideas can be criticized very easily, and judgement is something that we all hate. With confidence in us we can continue to what we love to do.

  2. Dragan Palla says:

    I also agree on all above mentioned especially #4-Take an inital step. I’ve been doing my new blog about tourism in Croatia for some time and it’s not live yet. I always change something and I feel like I always miss something. Obviously I’m loosing my time and effort instead to take that initial step and publish it.

    Lisha, this reminded me how it would be great to write the post something like “When is the perfect time to lunch your blog?” ;).

    Thumb up on the post!

    • Lisha says:

      That’s a good tip Dragan. It does depend on the blog. Some blogs can go live as soon as you have the design done and the first post is live. Other blogs, you may want to wait until there is 10 or so posts. It really depends. If you want people to start on a journey with you, share your first post right away. If your blog is more informational and you are trying to establish authority in a specific niche, I would wait until about 10 posts or so.

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