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Can Y’all Digg It?

Blog and Retire Case Study Update Week 38

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What is the Blog and Retire case study?

What’s in It and What Did I Do?

Blog and Retire Week 38 is all about Digg. Digg is like StumbleUpon. It’s another place for your blog to get more exposure, links, and traffic. You can gain more popularity and get more pageviews and unique visits when you submit your blog and individual blog posts to Digg.

My blogging has taken a backseat lately because I am helping my husband build his Porsche 944 parts business that he started back in January. Currently, he creates Porsche parts for the 944. They are better, cheaper, and last longer than the original parts that Porsche made. He just got his resale license about a month ago, so now he is setting up his website to sell original Porsche parts as well. I’ve sort of become his assistant because it’s a lot of manual work to get each part up on the site.

I’ve still been writing blog posts, interacting on social media, commenting on other blogs, etc. I’ve also pinned a few things on Pinterest. But other than that, I’ve also been going to the beach to catch some waves on my boogie board. Let’s face it, life is short, and I’m not going to spend the whole thing on a computer. I’ve had a really fun summer so far, and before you know it, the weather will change and the water will get cold, so I’m maximizing this beach weather while it’s still here.

Case Study Blog Stats

As always, I like to update you with how the stats are looking. Here are the stats for August so far:

  • Unique Visitors: 3,059
  • Number of Visits: 6,398
  • Number of Pageviews: 15,226
  • Number of Hits: 83,057
  • Links around the web: 582
  • Search Keyphrases: 375
  • Twitter Tweets: 4,360, Following: 2,010, Followers: 1,833
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 155


In this upcoming week, I will create new accounts for StumbleUpon and Digg, specifically for the house blog, and I will submit some posts to each and see how that increases my traffic.

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