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4 Ways to Increase the Length of Time Visitors Are on Your Site

Four Tips for Growing Your Site’s “Stickiness”

This is a guest post by Caeden MacGregor.

Of course it’s important to get visitors to your website, but if you expect them to read your blog posts or buy products, the length of time they spend on your site is just as vital.

The length visitors spend on you website refers to the average time that your web traffic spends on your site—reading, buying, commenting on blog posts, researching, whatever! This is also referred to as your site’s “stickiness”. The point is that you want them to stick around longer than 30 seconds, or else oftentimes they’ll click away never to return again.

As an internet marketer I have learned that visitors that hang around and interact with your website are often the ones that become return visitors, and recommend your site to their friends. So one of your main goals is to increase your average visitor’s length on your site should be an action item. What do you want them to do? Maybe it’s to sign up for you newsletter so you can get their contact information, maybe you want them to click your ads, buy a product, leave a blog comment, fill out a contest form, etc.? Whatever it is, the goal is to get your first time readers to take a vested interest in your site so they will come back.

Here are my four tips for increasing the length of time visitors remain on your website.

1. Provide valuable resources

A website that offers strong resources from the industry experts is a great way to draw people to your site for valuable information. You can post interviews—in text transcripts, audio interviews, and even video interviews (that link to sites like YouTube and Vimeo). Providing some type of resource database is also a great way to become the industry go-to for quality information your visitors can count on. For example, think WebMD, a leading source of trustworthy and timely health and medical information, and apply this same concept to you specific industry.

2. Offer quality content

Another great way to increase visit length is to showcase quality content on your site—in webpage content, blog articles, interviews, etc. The more timely and unique your articles are; the longer the average visitor is going to spend reading them and sharing them to their friend’s network (for example, via Facebook or Twitter).

3. Engage your users

Another easy way to increase visit time spent on your site or blog is by offering some form of user engagement that encourage your visitor to interact with your site in some way—for example, contests and quizzes or polls, by reading and commenting on your blog, by using tools (i.e., a building calculator if you run a DIY home renovation site).

4. Create a real community

Visitors will return over and over again if they feel part of an active online community. You can create this via a blog, forum, chat room, online game, bulletin board, wiki, photo sharing platform, or any site that asks visitors to sign up for a membership and help mould the shape of your site. Communities take time and effort to build, and as webmaster, you will have to engage with your users by offering up your own information and opinions, answering their questions in order to get the ball rolling. However, overall, even though the online realm permits a certain amount of anonymity, web visitors enjoy interacting and sharing with other people, and will continue to come back if they feel a part of a larger community.

About the Author

Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer for Prestige Marketing, a company that focuses on PPC in Vancouver. Caeden has written for numerous blogs on a variety of topics ranging from guest blogging to landing page optimization.

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2 Responses to '4 Ways to Increase the Length of Time Visitors Are on Your Site'

  1. hie! I am from manager review and thank you for such a helpful article sheds the light on some grey areas of our work. question: is advisable for a small blog to start a community right away?

    thanks again

    • Lisha says:

      Well, you already have a blog, and a community can be built right in your comments section on your blog posts. Be sure to ask questions of your readers and their thoughts on the matter to get the discussion going.

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