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Photos, Videos, Infographics. Oh My!

This is a guest post by Jordan Mendys.

One thing that is great for any blog, no matter the topic, is the use of media. For most, pictures typically suffice as they can often help clarify the point a blogger is making, or they at least add something extra to the post. Not to mention, most readers will not be attracted to words on a blank background, and if you’re trying to increase your traffic, that is the worst thing you can do.

But photos aren’t the only media you can add to your blog. With the emergence and popularity of infographics, and the always popular use of video, you can really spice up your blog with original or viral content that will really help bring visitors. These aren’t always necessary to use, but when used properly, they can be quite effective.


So video on the internet is nothing new, but it is still very effective. On your blog or website, sharing videos will add an element that people will flock to. A lot of times, it is also a good way to make a point with minimal writing to go along. In fact, most of the times you can make a point with a video, and you don’t want to write too much because people will most likely get bored from too much content.

In the case of original content, if you can make a video that goes viral and gets shared, that will get attributed to you, and again payoff greatly for traffic and SEO purposes. If you have a site that can host video and then be shared, the more it is embedded from the source, the better it will make your web property look.

For instance a site related to cable or satellite television would benefit from embedded videos because the site is related to this type of media. Maybe they could embed show clips, promotional videos, etc. Either way it would help increase traffic to the site.


These are relatively new, at least as a use on blogs and sites to increase traffic. Infographics take some more time to make, but if you have the capabilities to do so, it can act the same way as a viral video. If it gets shared, you get the benefits everytime it goes on a new site.

Infographics are great because they stand alone. There is no need to have a write up to go along with it, so it’s not used the same way a photo is. What is so great about this type of media is that people like reading them, because they essentially are images that make your point. They have great flow and images that will entertain your audience, and keep them coming back. If it is really good, your audience might share it, getting even more traffic back to your site.


Now this is something that pretty much comes on every blog, but with reason. Photos go really well with posts as they help illustrate your point. For the most part this is common knowledge, but like with everything else, you can improperly use photos.

Make sure that you always have relevant images, as you don’t want to mislead your audience or cause some sort of cognitive dissonance with your audience. You what them to know from the photo what your article may be out, or at least have it so it directly relates to and hammers home your point. Using images to only pique interest, but then has nothing to do with the article can be problematic.

So these are the types of media mostly used on blogs, and the best ways you should use them. Always remember to use the proper media for your intended use, and don’t overly use media when not needed. You don’t want 10 images in a post where 2 or 3 suffice. Likewise, you want to make sure that you use enough, and that there is a balance with words and media. Videos and infographics require less explanation, and you don’t want to oversaturate your audience with information. Other than that, make your blog attractive, and a fun place to come to.

About the Author

Jordan Mendys is a social media and SEO blogger, often writing for best practices for small businesses. He lives in North Carolina, and currently finishing his Masters in Film and Video. You can follow him on Twitter @JPMendys

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2 Responses to 'Photos, Videos, Infographics. Oh My!'

  1. Erik says:

    Ironically, none of the mentioned media are to be found in this post… 😉

    Still a good post, love your blog!

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