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Social Media Sites for Music and Musicians

This is a guest post by Ryan Parker.

Social media content comes in all shapes and sizes. It could be as simple as a promotional page on Facebook, or a product announcement on Twitter; however, there are plenty of other resources in which people can get their content seen.

For musicians, record labels or music sellers in particular, there are a wealth of other locations which specialise in sharing and promoting audio works – as opposed to the written word.

social media for musicNo doubt you’ve heard of some of them: Myspace, Soundcloud,… Some applications nowadays actually have such deep integration with social media sites that you could argue having a presence here will also help promote your work.

Spotify, for example, has a rich relationship with Facebook, meaning that your playlists and tracks have the potential to be shared there indirectly.

YouTube should be highlighted too, as its videos frequently appear in the streams of others posts. The site itself too has sharing options which users can post to no less than 10 networks – an extremely useful feature.

While keeping an active presence on all of these sites is no easy task, having a presence on at least a couple could also help you and your music – a pseudo-brand in itself – be more easily found by your fans. Search engines are also more likely to rank your content if it appears in certain places.

The control you have over the rights of your music is also manageable. If you’re a DJ and you want to host your music on Soundcloud, there’s no reason that you have to release it as a downloadable piece of content. You can merely restrict that option, set it to streaming only and hope that fans comment on how great your latest mix is.

Plugins are an unbelievably useful resource for you to post into blogs, social media pages and even your own website. Many of these sites offer their own APIs (application program interface); snippets of code which can be posted and linked to content elsewhere.

With this many options on the table for musicians, labels and music retailers, there’s absolutely no reason to hide your content away from social media. It’s the fans who buy your product after all so share the love.

About the Author

Ryan Parker is an SEO and Social Media content writer and consultant. He writes articles and blog posts for Vertical Leap UK. For more information on the topic of SEO, Social Media and related issues, he recommends you to visit

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