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How to Successfully Land Fantastic Backlinks

This is a guest post by Hannah.

Any SEO professional will tell you that links will always remain dominant in the SEO world. Think about it for a second. If you we didn’t have links as a signal, how the heck would a search engine determine if you were credible enough? Sure you can use social signals and word of mouth, but a search engine really doesn’t have that much access to that data. I kind of think of link building like a friend. Would you rather lend money to a person that has 1,000 great referrals or someone that has no one to speak for them? I’m pretty sure this is how Google sees a website. They love websites that have lots of recommendations (links) and trust. What makes a good link?

First, you have to understand what makes a good link. No, I’m not talking about Hubpages or a lousy Ezine Articles link. These are links that anybody can get. You have to reach out and get links that people can’t get easily. The harder a link is to get, the more trustworthy it can seem. Also, you have to remember that a link that can send you traffic can also be considered the cream of the crop. Be sure to keep this in mind when you link build. Your website will thank you later.

With that being said, here’s how I nab some of the best links on the block:

#1 Build a Great Site

Please, for the love of god, just build a GOOD website. You can see that I’m emphasizing the word, “good.” No one wants to land on a one-page website that talks about a four-slice toaster. While you can build a website about toasters, make it different than the rest. Add well research guides, videos, links to other resources, commentary and more. People love to link to great websites, and the links that you don’t beg for generally tend to be the best. Why? YOU DON’T have to work for them. Take off the biased glasses and ask yourself this simple question – “would you like your website if it wasn’t yours?’ Be honest. If you’re saying no, then it’s probably best to start working on something else.

#2 Research Competitors

Researching competitor links are a great way to find out who’s linking to them. A great tool that I personally use is SEO Elite. This tool will use both OpenSiteExplorer and Google’s search engine. Back in the good days, it also used the Yahoo! backlink checker, but we all know today that it isn’t active. Browse through these links and find some that can be worthy link partners. Remember, you will have to have a nice site for people to consider you. If you want to land on an .edu, .gov or a great .com, they WON’T link to junk.

When researching the competitor, make sure that you write up a nice email. Simple tell them a little about your project, tell them why they should link to you and also remember to put the URL you would like to be listed on. If you make it sound personable, people will respond.

#3 Guest Post

As you can see, I’m guest posting right now! This is probably one of the best ways to gain exposure. You can get a nice backlink, build your brand and even reach out to other blog owners and create a connection. Finding guest posts aren’t that hard. Simply search for keywords such as, “[keyword] + guest post” or “[keyword] + write for us.” By doing this, you should have thousands of possibilities. It’s a free way to get links, but it’s going to take a lot of work. When going this route, just make sure that you write something unique and offer something informative.

These are three solid ways to start building links to your website. If you have a website that is good enough, you don’t even need to focus on the website, but instead, you can focus solely on building great tools and content for your website. I want to wish you the best of luck with your link building ventures! Work hard at it, and you will quickly find that anything is possible.

About the Author

This was a post written by Hannah M. She manages the website, How Much Is It – A website that features thousands of cost helping guides. If you want the price, you can find it here. You can also ask her questions or reach out to her on Twitter – @howmuchforit.

What Do You Think?

What are the ways in which you gain backlinks? Backlinks help you rank better in the search engines, but there are different levels of backlinks. Some are worth more than others. Share your best strategy in a comment below! I’d really like to hear it.

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