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Mobile SEO – How to Increase the Visits of Cell Phone Users

This is a guest post by George Alford.

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In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), there is no denying the fact that every website needs to have a mobile version of its own so as to survive the cut-throat competition happening all over the web. Moreover, with the growth of smart phone users, it has become all the more indispensable part of the internet marketing strategy that is crucial to get the necessary edge over others, and improve market penetration.

So, SEO experts and webmaster can go through this article for an overview of the strategies to implement in order to increase organic traffic of a website.

Mobile SEO – Search engine centric tips

Here are some tips that center around search engines:

1) Mobile URL – Previously, people had differences of opinion regarding the usage of mobile-oriented URLs and thought it may lower their website’s link prowess and social shares. However, with the emphasis from the Google for mobile URLs that automatically redirects users from desktop to the mobile and vice-versa, it has cleared the air about the importance of mobile URLs. Therefore, SEO professionals need to work on HTTP protocols, JavaScript coding, etc. in order to get them.

2) SEO-friendly web design – A website must be designed in such a way so that it can found by the web spiders easily. Web developers need to build websites that commands very low response time along with Cascading Style Sheets queries in order to render each part of the web page.

Another important aspect of mobile SEO is the user centric approach that will drive up traffic to a website.

Mobile SEO – User centric tips

Here are some tips that center around website users:

1) User interaction – Web developers and SEO professionals must understand their website user’s behavior while surfing through it. They need to apprehend the type of interaction that would happen in between the websites and the mobile surfers before embarking on the development of mobile version of their websites. They must plan the website development process after conducting a market survey about the type of searches visitors are going to make in their website or browse for specific information.

2) Website usability – In order to have a great website that will provide impressive user experience, web developers must remove all the Flash contents or JavaScript based forms and web pages. This will reduce the response time of the website and the web spiders will find it easier to locate those web pages that will increase the frequency of indexing conducted by them.

Moreover, major mobile operating system developers like Apple and Google have declared on 15th August 2012 that they will no longer endorse apps that are based on Adobe Flash. Therefore, web developers should not create web pages based on JavaScript and Flash since the mobile visitors won’t be able to access them.

About the Author

George Alford is a frequent contributor at Blog and Retire. You can read more of his highly informative articles here.

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  1. Love your post! Many users are in to mobile and it is interest to have a mobile SEO. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward for your next post.

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