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So, You Want More Traffic? Try Video Marketing

This is a guest post by Victor Bennett.

video marketing

Are you having trouble getting traffic to your website? You’ve tried several methods you’ve read about online and nothing seems to work. You’ve written article after article until your fingers hurt, your brain is fried, and you still don’t have any traffic. Maybe video marketing is the answer for you.

The average web user only has an attention span of a few seconds. The back button on his web browser has become his best friend and he uses it often. You only have a few seconds to prove to him that what you’re proposing is important. Video marketing can be great for this. Video has the ability to engage the reader’s interest in a moment and hold them unlike any other media.

Traffic Is the Key

But let’s get back to the real dilemma. In order to get people to your site to see that fantastic new video, you’ve got to have traffic. The great news is video marketing can also be an excellent way of getting high-quality traffic to your website. Google and Bing really like video. Google likes video so much they bought YouTube for $1.6 billion. That’s no small chunk of change.

Over 60% of the traffic on the Internet is some form of video. When you combine this with how well video ranks and how it can truly engage the viewer, it brings some awesome opportunities for traffic. Videos are also 50 times more likely to get an organic ranking on the first page than pages that are purely text.

Additional Considerations

So now that you know how great video is, what is the right way of using it? One of the first tips of course is to make sure you provide incredible content. This is true whether you’re talking about video, articles or social content. A truly incredible video will get backlinks on its own. The next big factor is to make sure you have an eye-catching title. A great video title can make or break a video. You want to make sure you spend an appropriate amount of time coming up with a great title.

This really should go without saying but I’m going to mention it anyway. When you get done creating a video, and you’ve got an excellent title, don’t forget to provide a link back to your site. After the person has watched your video and are totally enthralled with your product and feel that it’s the greatest thing in the world, you want a call to action to tell them where to go when they are done. This call to action will help you get the clicks and the traffic you’re looking for.

One final tip is to let the viewer know the length of the video before they start to watch. Some people only have a few minutes and may not watch if they don’t have time. If you let the person know up front that your video is only two or three minutes before they start, they’re more likely to watch it.

There are many things you can do with video marketing to help increase traffic to your website. You should follow the steps in this article and make sure you provide the best content possible. If you follow the suggestions in this article, you should start to notice an increase in your website traffic in no time.

About Author

Victor R Bennett is a small business owner and freelance writer specializing in small and home-based business Support. After spending over 20 years in the IT industry and another 5 years as an offline business person, he decided to take the Internet plunge. His business SmallBizStop is dedicated to assisting others who are interested in starting their own business while remaining on a budget. Visit his site:

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