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10 Guest Post Questions Answered by Successful Blogger Bamidele Onibalusi

I first happened upon Bamidele Onibalusi’s blog about 6-8 months ago. I’m always trying to keep up with what’s happening in blogland so I know what to share with you here at Blog and Retire. I don’t want any tips to be left behind in the dust. You need to know. And the internet is always changing and new sites that can help you with your blogging are always popping up. And even old ideas surface because they still work.

When I think of Bamidele, I consider him one of the top guest post masters of our time. If you’re a blogger and you’re not guest posting, you are leaving a lot of potential traffic and money on the table. Guest posting is one of the best ways to gain exposure, popularity, and rank higher in the search engines. So I thought who better to give you tips about guest blogging than the master himself. I asked him if he would do an interview with me and he was able to find the time to bless us with his knowledge. He couldn’t give us more thorough answers. Bamidele has insights that many other bloggers don’t emphasize, so without further ado…

Interview With Successful Blogger and Freelance Writer, Bamidele Onibalusi

1. Lisha: What made you first decide to start a blog?

Bamidele: I never intended to start a blog. I’d heard about the concept of making money online for the first time when someone came to my church in 2009, when I was 16, and talked about Forex marketing and how people make a lot of money doing it. I was intrigued. I’ve always been someone who wanted to be rich without doing ‘difficult’ work or working for others.

I created my first website soon after and I spent continual over 20 hours tweaking it the day I created it. It was designed to sell a data entry product I saw online. Then, I started posting on forums and marketing it via other means to no avail. In the first 3 months of the site, it got almost 3,000 visitors but not a single sale. It was then that I knew something was wrong with my approach.

The new year – 2010 – was approaching, and I determined to make a difference when it began. I started searching the internet for ways to make money online. It was then that I came across an article by Steve Pavlina on how to make money blogging. This piece had a lot of practical tips on how blogging works and an emphasis on the importance of creating value without expecting something in return. This article changed everything. I knew I wanted to start blogging, and did so a few weeks later.

2. Lisha: What role has your blog played as far as your success as a freelance writer?

Bamidele: A lot. With God’s grace, my blog is the main source of all successes I’ve experienced as a freelance writer; every client I have right now came as a result of my blog, so my blog has definitely been helpful when it comes to my freelance writing career.

3. Lisha: What made you decide to dedicate so much of your time to guest posting? Did a light bulb go off in your head one day, or was is a gradual decision?

Bamidele: This is a question I keep asking myself today. I can’t remember exactly how I discovered guest blogging or why I’m doing it, but Glen Allsopp from was definitely a major inspiration for me in regards to guest blogging. His results were impressive and that encouraged me to put more effort into guest blogging, I’d say it was a gradual decision, but I’m also the kind of person who gets obsessed with something and never gives up until I get results. And when I get results, I refine and keep improving my approach.

4. Lisha: What are some tips you can give for finding blogs for guest posting? What types of blogs should people be looking to guest post for?

Bamidele: Based on my experience writing over a thousand guest posts for myself and clients, I’ll say the better the quality the better for you. A blog like Problogger trumps 5 PR2 blogs anytime. Those blogs [PR2] might give you instant results, but the value will reduce in the long run. With an authoritative blog, however, the value you get from each guest post increases over time.

My first guest post published on an A-list blog (a year ago) sent me over 1,000 visitors the day it went live. That blog still sends me traffic today!

I find blogs I use for guest blogging via the Technorati blog directory and via

5. Lisha: What is the best way to go about asking a blog owner if you can submit a guest contribution?

Bamidele: Send an email. It looks so simple but it works.

Sometimes, you can send them a compliment on an article they wrote. Use the opportunity to tell them that you can contribute something similar, or even better. They’ll often accept your request and you’ll build up a long-term relationship if you’re true to your words.

6. Lisha: You write high quality articles, both on your blog and for guest posts. How thorough should a guest post be? Should there be room for mystery so people are intrigued and want to visit your blog to learn more? Or should you lay it all out on the table, leave people completely impressed, and expect that the awesomeness of your guest post will get people to visit your blog for more?

Bamidele: I think the more valuable your guest post is, the more results you’ll get from it. It’s easier to want to tease people and get them to read the rest on your blog, but they don’t trust you yet. However, they trust the blogger who will be publishing your content. When you publish something great on that blogger’s blog, they’ll happily link to it and spread the word (as opposed to if it were on your blog). That’s more long-term value for you.

My most comprehensive guest posts have delivered the most results for me.

7. Lisha: Who have you learned the most from as far as blogging and guest posting, and what’s something that really stands out as an important point you’ve learned and live your writing life by?

Bamidele: I’ve learned a lot from Glen Allsopp from; He’s inspired me a lot, and he rocks! One major thing I’ve learned from him is the importance of contributing great value in giving it all. This is something Glen does in all his posts. Whenever I give my all in a guest post or blog post, I get great results.

8. Lisha: What is something that a lot of people seem to not get about the importance of guest posting?

Bamidele: It’s not about today, but about tomorrow.

Guest posting today isn’t as effective as it used to be years ago, but the value now is in the quality links you get. It takes these links years to become effective, and the more backlinks and social shares your guest posts get the more value you get in the long run.

9. Lisha: Any other tips you can give us so we can all become the best guest contributors we can be?

Bamidele: Give your best and focus on a win-win situation for you, your host blogger and the blogger’s audience. Having this mindset will always help you get great results.

10. Lisha: And the most important question of all: What do you like to do for fun? Any hobbies? Family life?

Bamidele: Aha, thanks for asking this question. I mostly watch movies for fun and I usually get addicted to them. I don’t watch movies all the time, but when I do, I can spend 15 – 20 hours a day watching them for 5 consecutive days. I also love playing chess once in a while. It’s my favorite game!

Thanks for joining us Bamidele!

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Bonus Guest Post Tips

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Be sure to stop by Bamidele’s blog today and leave a comment letting him know I sent you!

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4 Responses to '10 Guest Post Questions Answered by Successful Blogger Bamidele Onibalusi'

  1. Well I’ve always been a great fan of Oni. And this interview of Oni is really unique. Learned some of the guest blogging tips πŸ™‚

  2. Deji R Yusuf says:

    Great Interview, Oni is one professional Blogger and writer who really knows his onion when it comes to blogging,he is a great motivation to young and enterprising internet based entrepreneurship.
    keep doing what you are doing bro!

    • Lisha says:

      Hi Deji, I agree. I was so happy that he was willing to do the interview. We can all learn a lot from him πŸ™‚

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