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Blog and Retire Case Study Week 48

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What is the Blog and Retire case study?

What’s in It and What Did I Do?

Blog and Retire Week 48 is all about taking a second look at your blog and giving it a nice makeover if necessary. Blog design is very important. I’m always changing things, and only recently have I finally settled on looks for my main blogs. Week 48 gives tips for making your blog look more inviting, because if it looks more inviting, people will want to stay longer, and come back more often.

This past week I basically did nothing for my blog. Yesterday was the first full day I had back from my vacation, so I spent some time writing a blog post and replying to comments. I haven’t been commenting on any blogs or doing anything manually to get traffic. I also haven’t interacted on Twitter or Facebook or anything like that, and the traffic has been coming in steadily as normal. It’s pretty cool to know that I can continue to get people to come to my blog without really doing any work. I have TweetAdder set up and running for me 24/7 if I want (sometimes I only have it going during the day because I like to let my computer sleep at night). TweetAdder has seriously been awesome for me and has saved me so much time. It’s well worth it!

I also have automatic updates of my blog that go directly to my Facebook profile and my blog’s facebook fan page (then your fans are notified of new posts), and other automatic updates to twitter as well. I am also working on figuring out automatic Pinterest updating and following to see if I can make more use of that without using any of my time. There are some paid plugins and such, but nothing else so far. I’m sure there will be some good resources for that soon. If you know of anything, let us know in a comment.

Last week I had 5 guest bloggers come in and do some posts for me which were all really great. The traffic remained about the same as if I wrote the posts myself. Sometimes guest bloggers will give you a spike in traffic if they make an announcement and put a link to the guest post on their own blog, but it depends on their own popularity and influence on their audience.

Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy with the way things are going considering I’m spending very little time working on my blogging and traffic generation.

Case Study Blog Stats

Here are the house blog stats so far for October:

  • Unique Visitors: 4,876
  • Number of Visits: 12,593
  • Number of Pageviews: 31,069
  • Number of Hits: 144,722
  • Links around the web: 767
  • Search Keyphrases: 859
  • Twitter Tweets: 5,101, Following: 2,754, Followers: 2,557
  • Fans on 1house1couple’s Facebook page: 220


Just 4 weeks left until I reach my 1 year blogiversary of my house blog! Stay tuned!

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