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Getting Paid to Write

This is a guest post by David.

Believe it or not, some websites actually offer you pay for writing a blog post. One of the newly launched websites in this league is The primary purpose of this online institute is to study technology, science, politics and philosophy, and to give aspiring authors a chance to write about these topics.

There are several ways you can get paid to write for BossensNonFiction. First of all, you can blog or write a book discussion on any of the above topics. You may also write about publishing and writing in the above niches.

To apply for a paid service, it is required to write an initial guest blog of 500-1000 words. This way, together with your CV, it is determined whether/how much you will be paid to blog. Instead of direct monetary rewards, you may also request to have your own Author’s Profile or advertisements for your book or blog.

Another interesting fact about this website is that each year, a paperback called the ‘Bossens Yearly’ is published, all on the basis of your writings. To apply, you must send a 10-30 page article. There will be about 12 articles per year in the Bossens Yearly. Your article must pass two rounds: first you need to pass the initial review.

The initial review ensures that your article covers topics relevant to our mission statement, and to ensure that the writing is quality material. Normally, after you have read the guidelines, this should not pose any problem. The nature of the second round depends on the number of applicants. With few participants, any high quality article will almost certainly be featured.

With many applicants however, we let the authors themselves vote on their favorite article, aside from their own. Letting only the authors vote ensures fair play, since we know how many votes there should be, and by whom they should be made.

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