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Having Realistic Expectations for Your Blog

This is part one of a new coaching series I’m doing with a student. Names and personal information and details have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

Student Email #1

I crave financial freedom, passive income and I most certainly want to do something like blogging, copywriting, or something else that leverages my time and is fun.

So I guess my heartfelt question is, CAN it really be done? Is this something a person with no other backup plan can do, even if it’s do or die?

I’ve come across other programs in the past and always had stumbling blocks from requiring other websites who wouldn’t activate my account, or one too many obstacles that made me realize I was getting nowhere. I WANT to establish a passive income.

Please tell me something so that I may trust in this process. Thank you.

My Response #1

I totally understand where you are coming from.

You need to know that it takes time to build an income from nothing, no matter what. That is why you really just have to take it slow and do it in your spare time at first. I know you feel like you don’t have any spare time right now, but you can find it if you truly eventually want freedom from your job.

You should not quit your job until you have an average monthly income that you can live off of. Don’t quit your job and then try to build an income. Start doing it on the side in your spare time.

There are many ways to create an income from a blog, so it IS definitely possible for you to be able to, but there is no way for me to tell you how long it will be for you. Blog and Retire gives you plenty of ideas, and it’s basically a to-do list each day. It is about 1 hour of tasks per day, 6 days a week for one year. And definitely by then you will know what you’re doing.

I just need you to be realistic about this. Money may not come for the first few months from blogging and online business. You are building your business. You have to be patient and build yourself up so eventually more and more people know about you and your business. Only rarely does someone show up on the scene and become popular over night. Most of us don’t have that luxury. So yes, it will take work and effort and time. Patience and consistency.

This is really an art and a science that you can master, but it’s not so much learning you have to do, but taking action. I did all the learning for you, so all you have to do is follow the steps in Blog and Retire. That’s what it’s there for. I spent so much time learning that it took up most of my time. But once I knew most of what there was to know, I was able to finally realize what things were important and what wasn’t, and then I only had to focus on the things that were actually going to bring me results.

So that’s why I made Blog and Retire, so you wouldn’t have to figure out what to do or wonder what you should do. All you have to do is do it. Each day, just sit down and do what it says. And if you come up with awesome ideas that are outside of the box, don’t be afraid to do them.

The biggest problem with working from home online is really getting distracted. That is my own biggest problem. I have tons of self-motivation, so it’s not a problem for me to sit down at my computer and get work done each day. My problem is that the internet is so distracting. It has so many colorful things to look at and read and watch. Don’t do it. Don’t get distracted. Stay focused. If you don’t have lots of extra time on your hands (and by what you’re telling me, you definitely don’t have much spare time on your hands) then you have to be even more focused.

Realistically, you need to know that it could take you 6 months, a year, or 2 years to create an full income online, it really depends on a lot of factors. But I would definitely say you could shoot for a year, if you really spend about an hour a day doing solid work that actually gets results (no distractions). I don’t want you sitting at your computer thinking you’re going to do work and an hour later realize that you got distracted by some shiny object and then you go into despair again.

Focus will really keep you out of despair and make you feel good about yourself that you are actually getting things done. Because when it comes down to it, who do you really want to spend time with? Your family and friends. So don’t give the internet your time. Give you and your family your time. And by that I mean just stay focused on the goal and doing what will bring you results toward your goal.

The first key in blogging and online business in general is gaining traffic. Once you have the traffic, the money can come. But the number one thing you have to think about first is traffic. So make sure what you are offering to the world (in blog posts, products, and services) is really really awesome. The more awesome it is, the more people will share it, and the faster things will happen for you. So don’t half-ass anything. Do your best at everything.

The number one thing you need to do is deliver value (I’m sure you’ve heard this, but it’s because it’s true) and it needs to be at least as good or better or more unique than any competition you’ve seen. So think about that.

Then you need to not focus on the amount of money you’re making at least for the first 3 months. It’s really awesome if you make some bucks in the first 3 months, but do not focus on that. It is not likely to happen at first. So do not, I repeat, DO NOT get discouraged by low levels of money coming in at first. Remember, traffic first, money second. Any money you make at first should just be considered a bonus.

I covered a lot in this email and it’s non-exclusive. There really is a lot to all of this blogging business. But I’ll let that all settle in your mind before we continue.

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2 Responses to 'Having Realistic Expectations for Your Blog'

  1. karen says:

    your site won’t let me sign up for the free week … I correctly filled out the required info 3 different times, but it doesn’t go through

    • Lisha says:

      Thanks Karen for letting me know. I’m sorry. There is a problem with the signup form. I contacted MailChimp about that, so hopefully I’ll get it fixed. I am sending you week 1 by email now.

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