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How To Make Your Articles Search Engine Friendly

This is a guest post by Mary.

Most “netizens” or internet citizens would want to air out their two cents’ worth in almost every article that they come across or every forum that they encounter about a certain topic or issue, whether they are socially relevant or just juicy morsels of gossip. People have this uncanny tendency to communicate their thoughts out in whatever form or medium possible, and no one, not even the most solitary person or the most introverted could ever claim that they have kept their thoughts unexpressed or unspoken.

For the internet savvy, one can choose to write blogs as their medium of communication and publish them in sites. You can use this talent to earn money too, using your own site or blog posts as a venue for your take on issues, or be employed or commissioned to write content or articles for employers or business owners who have internet sites.

Of course, web traffic determines the sales of a site based business. This means that the higher the traffic to a particular site, the higher the exposure of the particular product or service which in turn would be equivalent to higher sales. This is mainly the reason why employers would require its writers of content with material that are relevant and pertinent to the product or service that they offer. They have certain requirements for articles, which must be met in order to be paid.

One of these article marketing tips requires the articles to be search engine friendly. This is accomplished through search engine optimization or SEO. Certain keywords commonly used by people all around the world on search engines are incorporated in the articles a number of times to ensure its ranking during actual searches. Writers who are working from home have been instructed to use this technique to increase the visibility of the article in the internet. This increase in visibility is tantamount to a possible increase in sales – a possibility that is not too far-fetched as proven time and again.

Using backlinks on reliable internet sites in your article also increases the effectiveness of your piece. This tells the readers and potential customers that your articles are associated with only trusted and reliable sites, thereby ensuring the status and credibility of the product or services offered. This is one article marketing tip that is most beneficial if longevity and credibility is what you and your business are after on the internet: trust.

This is what the search engines have been working for in connection with the algorithms they have released. Imagine having an article online which doesn’t make any sense. It’s not only the search engines that would not like what you have but also everyone who finds it and just hates reading the useless contents. In order to establish trust between you and your readers and to please the search engines, your articles must clearly give sense and deliver helpful information to the readers. That way, getting more readers would increase the page’s ranking and thus bring in more readers.

Never just sit down and find any existing articles online, and then get spinning software. That’s the worst thing you would ever be doing for yourself and your profession as a writer will be at stake. Writing something out of what you understand. Be creative in expressing what you understood in your gathered research materials in your own words.

It is widely known that the easy accessibility of the internet is a double edged sword and poses a threat to users and consumers alike because hackers and spammers can also indirectly access their personal information through whatever means possible. Making articles that are informative, well versed and credible are the main thrusts of effective article marketing. Such traits are uncommon especially if people only want to make a quick buck out of everything. If these principles are ingrained in you, the writer, then it will become evident in your writing.

About the Author

Mary of GPT shares some tips on how to be effective in article writing and article marketing. In this way, you can expect to get paid online. There can be more ways such as earning through online surveys and if you wish to learn more about that, simply visit more of our posts.

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2 Responses to 'How To Make Your Articles Search Engine Friendly'

  1. Dragan Palla says:

    Article marketing is a great way of promoting online yourself, business etc. But in this blog jungle it’s really challenge to stand out.

    I think SEO content is very important because search engines still aren’t able to read our minds :).

    All in all it requires some knowledge how search engines rank our content. After all everyone in online business want to be highly ranked.

    This post is great reminder how content marketing is inevitable but at the same time very powerful in online world.

    • Lisha says:

      I agree, that it’s important to have SEO knowledge, and know that it always changes, but when it comes down to it, if you have god content and you seem popular, the search engines will rank you high for relevant wording.

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