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5 Reasons Why YouTube Marketing Is a Must for Your Business, Plus 5 YouTube Tips

This is a guest post by Celina.

The YouTube craze is as cliché already as it can go, but ever thought about using that awesome video posting and viewing website for your business marketing activities? In this article, we will have a good overview of what YouTube is, and why and how you should take advantage of this technology for that exposure you so much desire!

youtubeHistory of YouTube

Let us take a brief look at the history behind this popular website to understand it better. YouTube was created in February 2005 by three former PayPal employees based in San Bruno, California on which users can upload, view, and share videos over the internet at no cost. Simple Adobe Flash and HTML5 technology were used to enable display a wide variety of video content created by users. It was so successful that Google paid attention and decided to buy the website for 1.65 Billion USD, and YouTube is now operating as a subsidiary of Google.

Why Video Marketing is Effective?

Whether you want to use videos for personal or business purposes, you will be happy about their effectiveness. Here are some points to see about why videos are so effective:

1. Humans are Visual Beings

Fact is that among our senses, the sight is the most sensitive. We are truly sensitive to what we see, more so to moving images such as videos. So we tend to focus or internalize them more compared to simple stationary texts or images.

2. Easier to Understand

If you tend to market your stuff using texts only, your niche or readers have to read your posts line by line, word for word. But if you wisely chose a video marketing ploy, your viewers will have a much easier time by simply sitting back and watch information you have to convey.

3. Entertainment

Simple texts and images alone won’t provide as much fun and entertainment that videos can. You can creatively embed special effects or add on interesting segments like having celebrity guests etc to go along with your video that may surely attract your audience instantly!

4. Cost Efficient

More and more, technology is becoming more affordable for mankind. Video capturing and posting is now affordable. Elements like a video camcorder and internet connection are now common things that are easier to attain unlike before. YouTube, again, is free to use!

5. Wide Options for Video Posting

Besides YouTube, even Facebook, blogsites, and many other websites will allow you to post videos. If you are industrious enough to post all your great videos there, you will be as viral as you can be in no time. Add on the extra perk of being able to host comments and feedbacks from you and your readers will create interaction and will open doors for link building and SEO! Not to mention you may add friends along the way too as you post your videos for more exposure and to leave your print.

Tips for YouTube Video Marketing

Here are some very simple but useful tips for effective video marketing in YouTube. Note that there are more uses for this such as company or executive presentations, training, technical service etc, but we will focus more on marketing.

1. Share

Facebook has a share function. So use it by either employing Email addresses of friends, or your YouTube friends that you have attached there in your profile for instant exposure!

youtube video marketing

2. Bulletin Boards

To help with sharing your videos, utilize YouTube’s Bulletin Board by leaving a message there so your friends can immediately see your video!

3. Invite to subscribe

This will help you if currently you have no followers or YouTube buddies. This invite to subscribe function can be unlocked after your first request a friend invite.

4. Video Quality

This will be perhaps the heart of our tips here. Always ensure you pay much attention and devote time in creating your video before you upload and invite viewers. Try your best to compose your video to the point that you are conveying the heart of your message as briefly and fun as possible. Try too to incorporate trending people or events to your video, and for sure you will gain hits in no time. It helps too to have a decent video resolution to encourage video clarity and view-ability.

5. Social Media it

It is not new to us that word of mouth marketing and the social media are tools that may make or break a business. Facebook and other social networking sites can allow you to easily post your YouTube videos’ URL for all your friends there to view it! Compose a catchy tag or comment texts to further lure them to watch your videos and encourage them to share it along!

YouTube is really the number one video uploading, viewing, and sharing site. So take advantage of this fact and technology to boost your marketing efforts. If you can bear with a few cons like slow uploading and downloading times, then you are good to go!

About the Author

Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Marketing Diploma from Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

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