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When Your Passion is Your Work, You Thrive

This is part three of a new coaching series I’m doing with a student. Names and personal information and details have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

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Student Email #3

Thanks for your encouraging words. I’ve completed the tasks for day two today and I’ve set up my first ever blog post. Getting from just an idea that I’d like to blog for income to actually having my own blog post now feels like great progress. I also had no idea what feeds, rss feeds and any of that were but I just did like the course told me and things are in order.

Just like you tried to keep a lid on exciting me, I’m probably trying to do the same. Not because I don’t trust you (in fact you’re one of the few on the net I trust AND actually communicate with), but just as a measure of not getting too carried away too quickly. The truth of the matter is if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could definitely have an income of say 30k within 1 year, I would quit my job INSTANTLY. Needless to say that’s a dangerous idea and a pretty stupid plan, just in case. Lol.

I may have mentioned it before, but if I was passionate about doing something in terms of my career, I’m sure my partner would give me one last chance. A chance whereby we suck it up, live on a budget and live off her income for a year. At the end of it, if I failed for any reason, according the plan we would have made, I’d do things her way, or the normal way or whatever.

However, among all the ideas I’ve had, nothing, not even becoming a blogger, can give me that level of certainty. Also, I can’t think of a compromise lifestyle I would be willing to live. Hence such a deal would surely be unfair to her. Sort of like a “Just give me ONE year, and if by then I don’t make it, I will _______________”. There’s no blank I can think of that I’d be happy with.

Still, this does excite me and the fact that I’m making progress is exciting too. I have thought of the book idea before. Even thought up a title. But in retrospect, I think it might be better to be one of those bloggers whose sites I visit, who ended up blogging so much, it was just natural for them to write a book. In those cases, the subscribers usually bug the blogger to get cracking, quit procrastinating, and finish his or her book already.

I briefly scrolled through day 3’s tasks and was happy to see that your suggestion of blog article ideas was something I’d already done on my own, just an hour before.

I guess at the end of the day I crave freedom and probably have all my life. I’m the ultimate salesman for passive income and financial freedom. It’s a reason the title of your product attracted me. I routinely open people’s ideas and minds to the possibility that they don’t have to get up each morning and go to work simply coz that’s the “way the world works”. So far though, the end to this magical tale is a harsh reality check when both myself and the other person realize that even I haven’t achieved it yet. I, this high and mighty tale spinner, professional dreamer who makes the best argument for it, hasn’t achieved it yet. It used to frustrate me as they quickly regain justification for their old mindset by dismissing my ideas as “just talk”.

Now its more personal than that. Now it’s about surviving [thriving]. I can deal with people thinking my ideas aren’t feasible, but I’ve come to realize that someone like me stuck in a full time job actually dies a little each day. It’s seriously alarming. Made even worse by the fact that everyone else seems to be able to handle it or deal with it.

So back to the point, I’m choosing to exercise cautious excitement and reminding myself that this is a marathon.

I have another passion too [mentioned in the email]. I just need to be free from the need to spend my life working, feeling stressed and tired first. Ideally, one day, I’d like to have financial freedom, blogging part time and focusing on my other passion.

My Response #3

I know exactly what you mean by dying a bit each day at a job. And wondering how the heck everyone else just handles it just fine. It’s weird to me too.

Well now I know why you can’t be contained in a job. You are a very creative individual. Many times creative people have a harder time being confined to a schedule and working for someone else, doing things “their” way. It makes a creative person feel trapped, and not free. People who aren’t creative don’t understand what it does to the creative mind. And it can’t be explained. No matter how much you explain it, people just think you’re really just lazy and spoiled, when that’s not the case at all. Mentally, you feel like you’re in prison with a J-O-B.

I’m not trying to make you hate your job any more than you already do, I just want you to know that I understand (and many people understand how you are feeling and what you’re going through). But you can stick it out to be responsible, because in this world, we have to have “responsibilities”; things we have to do at certain times.

[Conversation about his other passion that he currently isn’t blogging about]

You do realize you can use all the tips in Blog and Retire to promote your other passion too…

Congrats on getting started on your blog.

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