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5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

This is a guest post by Michelle.

Many websites share the common goal of driving the maximum amount of traffic to their site, as this increases their PageRank (PR). Being a web entrepreneur, you should invest some effort and time in creating a base for building a successful marketing strategy; it is vital that you research your target customers. Acquiring quality traffic is as easy as generating your online presence; maintaining that traffic and popularity however is not so easy. By consulting a digital marketing agency you can drive quality traffic to your website.

Link building

This is one of the most practiced techniques that will gain valued results, which is responsible in gaining higher PR gradually. This has been noticed on many websites where they have gained a PR of 3 from zero in just two months. With this strategy you will get back links that will be targeting your site in a similar niche.

Forum discussion

You can look at various forum discussions that can be done online. By participating in such discussions you can not only gain knowledge on the latest news, but can also drive traffic to your site. This is because many users have the ability to view the forum and this provides them with the latest news that is prevailing on the market. However, you need to perform this action only in the forums that belong to your niche.

Social networking and bookmarking sites

There are many social networking sites that are available online, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc. that are not only used for uploading pictures, videos and chatting, but also can be utilised to promote your business. For example, you can create a fan page on Facebook and spread your presence on the site which will be liked and shared by your users. This sharing will be done among the contacts that are present in your friends list, resulting in viral marketing.

Search engine optimisation

The search engines play a vital role in indexing your site and placing it on the search result pages. In order to beat the competition and achieve the top ranking on the search pages you must practice on-page and off-page techniques. This is a process where the website will be designed in such a manner that it can be easily crawled and indexed by the search engines robots.

Swapping Ads

It is one of the most powerful ways to increase the subscribers’ number on your list. It is a procedure where any two website owners agree to have a mutual exchange of their information to different users. For example, website ‘A’ mails a customer regarding a product and a link that drives that product, this targeted site would be website ‘B’. Similarly it is done by the website ‘B’. The subscribers when click on the link that is present in the mail then they will be driven to the opt-in page of the other list owner.

About the Author

Hi I’m Michelle, a tech writer from Manchester UK. My passion is to write articles on numerous topics for example Business tips, technology, finance and same day cash loans.

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