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9 Real Reasons Why Readers Reject What You Write

This is a guest post by Anthony Dejolde.

There are many reasons why readers might reject what you write. Some of the reasons might be: your topic is not the one they need, the way you present is boring, the information you offer has been tackled many times by many writers, so they think they have all the information they need, they just don’t like your style (this one really hurts), they don’t know you, so why should they trust you, and many more not-so-nice-to-know reasons. Whatever reasons they might have, there are many ways to avoid them. We’re exploring them in this article.

Rejection is painful, that’s why it’s one of the greatest fears. Writers are a bunch of ultra-sensitive people, so it would help big time, if you can avoid rejection. I can see you nodding there… So let’s move on.
How can you minimize the rate of rejection in your writing career?
Aside from the fear that they’ll just waste their time by reading you, here are 9 reasons why readers reject your writing:

1. You lack positive attitude

One the most famous motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar, always tells people—”your attitude determines your altitude”. I think the best attitude that you can cultivate when writing is to have the genuine attitude to serve your readers. If you feel that you’re truly helping them, you’ll not be too concerned whether you impress them or be rejected.

Cultivating a winning attitude starts with knowing and understanding what business you’re in. Know everything about your writing business; your niche, your content, your goals, your tribe, and most essentially—your reason for doing it. If you have a negative attitude, it will show in your writing.

2. Not knowing your reader

You may know your business and your content but you don’t know the real ‘wants’ and the ‘whys’ of your reader. (This is a mortal sin for writers and bloggers).

You also need to be very detailed about your reader. You must know what brand of coffee he likes sipping in the morning. If possible, you find out how many cubes of sugar he pops in his cup. But hey, I’m not telling you to stalk him. No, you don’t be a stalker. Befriend him. Be buddy-buddy with your reader. Chat with him, if you can, play tennis with him, go to the gym together. (Find out what color of undies he prefers…) yup, for you to sell your blog and keep selling your writing and your products, you have to be in the know about him, my friend. My point is—Know YOUR READER intimately.

3. Lack of belief

The biggest factor and most complex factor in writing is BELIEF. It’s also the most misunderstood. Do you believe in yourself as a writer? Let’s break it down into 5 points.

  • Point 1: Believe that your blog/writing is the best in the world. (If it’s not yet, believe that it’ll be.)
  • Point 2: Believe that your content is second to none.
  • Point 3: Believe you can distinguish your reader’s point of view from your point of view regarding—what has value.
  • Point 4: Believe you’re the best writer to communicate the message, and the one who can genuinely understand their concerns.
  • Point 5: Believe that your readers are in good hands when they sign up with you rather than with somebody else. Believe that with you, they’ll get what they need.


4. Lack of marketing skills

I know, you might say—what has marketing got to do with writing?

In the new world of writers: the digital era, writers need to market themselves and their content. Writers need to promote themselves if they want to survive. Most writers want to believe they just need to do what they’re born to do; to write, in order to succeed. If they have the choice, that’s all they want to do and I couldn’t agree more, but hey, the rules have changed. Marketing is now a necessity for writers. And that’s why you’d like to consider the next point I want to make: a lot, or should I say; most of the journalism or literature schools don’t provide any training regarding marketing. Take it as a responsibility then, to get good training from seminars, workshops, books, E-books, online courses and other means to get not only marketing knowledge but sales wisdom. A word of caution; though, don’t just absorb a marketing/sales system, try to discover a way to do marketing that works for you.

5. Lack of self confidence

If you lack preparation, you’ll lack self confidence. You continue to write posts, articles, guest posts, and other writing assignments, unprepared. That is the basic reason why you’re ineffective and fail. You don’t plan, research thoroughly for your work, don’t plan your outlines; no intelligent preparations whatsoever.

In my early months of writing, I would practice for hours before I even send a letter or publish a post. I will edit, re-write paragraphs, and edit yet again. I will read a single article 20 times or even more, just to make sure no grammatical errors were committed, no misspelled words. I did this to build my confidence before finally shipping my product (written work).

6. Lack of resilience

Another key factor in the rejection-failure syndrome is—lack of resilience. Almost always, if you lack this attribute, failure is imminent. You must build inner strength. Expect failures in your first writing attempts but learn from them. Maximize the experience to develop mental and emotional firmness to accept any eventuality. Convince yourself; you must stand up after being knocked down. Take the blow, learn from it, and move on. Use your last failed-project to gain knowledge and wisdom in order to win next time.

7. Negative self thought

Many times, self thoughts come from the negative side. If you worry about a negative outcome, there’s a big chance the outcome will be just that; negative. When you’re about to publish your work and you’re thinking you’ll probably fail to attract traffic, most likely you’re right. Change your results; change your thinking. Think positive outcomes and you’ll get them. Trust me on this.

8. Lack of personal pride

Majority of novice writers have more pride in their favorite basketball team than themselves and their blogging business; I presume you feel the same. This has a direct effect on your blog and your writing. Remember, your inner dialogues ultimately affect your results.

9. Low self-esteem

You can’t write, someone said. Another one said you’re a poor communicator, and like a fool, you believed them. You’re as good as any successful writer you meet. You are unique. You have what it takes to be successful. You were made to win. You have ideas no one else has. You’re much better than you have ever thought. So why feel you’re not good enough? Why wallow in self defeat? Why not conquer the mountains you have set to climb? Go and reach your goals. Go get more subscribers, convince more A-list blogs to feature your post, publish your book. Live the life you’ve always wanted. Go, succeed as a writer.

About the Author

Anthony Dejolde is a DJ/Newscaster wearing a writer’s hat. You can find his articles and thoughts at and He lives in the Philippines with his wife, their German Shepherd, and her daughter.

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One Response to '9 Real Reasons Why Readers Reject What You Write'

  1. Savannah says:

    Anthony, you have some great points. Number four resonated with me. I think it’s difficult for writers to learn to become marketers, but it’s not impossible. Learning how to promote yourself as a writer is now becoming just as valuable as the actual work a writer does.

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