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5 Guaranteed Blog Traffic Generators

This is a guest post by Celina.

Signing up to create your own blog is easy. If you’re not buying a domain name, then you will not be paying anything. Blogging is free and in doing so, you can benefit a lot. You can market your products and services, voice out your opinions on different topics or just let the world know that you exist in the online universe.

However, getting readers attend to your posts is another story. Getting a high traffic to your blog is completely another one altogether. And that is the tricky and pretty challenging part of blogging. There are many known ways on how to boost traffic to your blog. In this article, we’ll filter that long list and produce only the top five guaranteed strategies.

Drive Traffic1. Target a market that shares

Even if you have the most unique and greatest content, your blog will not spread like wildfire if your readers don’t share your posts to their network. Nothing will ever go viral and you can’t vouch on them to market your work. All you need to depend on are organic searches for people to land to your website.

To boost traffic to your blog, you need a market that will be more likely to share than just follow your blog religiously. In setting a target market, step up to the advanced level. Because competition in the blogosphere is increasing, as a competitive blogger, you have to make sure that your readers have the ability to share. They must belong to the group of people who gladly spread sources from where they learned stuff. So a good strategy is to research on the demographics of your readers, know what information they need and then focus on those who will evangelize your work to others.

2. Research for keywords

To make your blog’s pages all optimized, you have to decide which keywords to use. Keywords are important as they lure people to be directed to your blog from search engines. Your content must be friendly to search engines to grow your blog’s traffic.

To help you determine which keywords to use for your title tag, description and others, take advantage of Google’s AdWords tool and a keyword estimator tool. These are for free, offering bloggers and webmasters the analytics and trends of keywords’ popularity.

For starters, try more generic two to three-word terms such as “best treatment meningitis.” When you track the traffic and learn about the exact key phrases that users type to land at your page, target the new set of keywords. You can have as many keywords as your niche can contain. As you become more familiar with what users are looking for, be more specific. You can even append your brand or company name with the fundamental catchphrases over time.

3. Install analytics and monitor results

You won’t attain success if you don’t have a way to measure how your blog is performing. How do you know if there’s an increase in traffic when you don’t use any software to check for trails and number of visits? A good way to start is to install Google Analytics, which like Adwords, is free for use. Here you can select which insight you’d want to examine—whether it be the site origin, language spoken by your readers, browser they use and other significant activities.

website trafficFor instance, if you conclude that most traffic originates from StumbleUpon, then focus on that as an excellent channel and repeat the success onto other traffic sources. If you see that LinkedIn does not make at least 5% of the traffic contribution, place less effort in building your profile there. Know your strengths and build on your opportunities by studying analytics and executing what can be potentially more effective.

4. Acquire Traffic from Social Media

We are experiencing the rise of social media. World rankings had it that Facebook tops all social media sites as it now has over 850 million active users. Twitter places second for having over 465 million registered users. LinkedIn and Google Plus rank third and fourth respectively for having about 100 to 130 million accounts.

Surely, maintaining accounts in more than one social networking site is okay. But you need a lot of patience and considerations to frequently have content updates to leverage on them well. Your profile reflects your brand so use compelling descriptions and make sure that your theme has a significant correlation with your offerings.

5. Guest blog

Especially when you are new at blogging and you want to have a big start, guest posting can be one big opportunity for you to gain instant audiences and drive traffic to your blog. Guest blogging only requires that you earn the trust from the relationship you have with other webmasters. To be successful, your topic should be consistent with the website. And critically, your contributing content should be original and something that would provide real value to readers.


Design of websites does matter, but without efforts in optimizing your page, doing necessary promotions and analyzing the page insights, it’s useless. Getting traffic to your blog is not something rocket science. However, knowing the right strategies and practicing them to learn the best that works for you takes time and a matter of consistency.

About the Author

Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Marketing Diploma from Martin College Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.Follow her adventures on her Twitter.

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