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5 Ways to Be Positive with Customers

This is a guest post by Valerie.

Staying positive with customers, even if you think they might be wrong, is key to improving brand loyalty and making sure they come back. Customers are looking for a rewarding shopping experience, and providing them with one can go a long way towards ensuring they remain a customer long into the future. When a customer has a complaint, it is all too easy to become defensive in an effort to avoid blame. This often results in the business losing a customer, which has more repercussions than you might think. Follow these tips on staying positive with customers, and you’ll see how a tough situation can be easily remedied.

1. Remember That The Customer is Always Right (Even When They Aren’t)

We have all heard the statement that “The customer is always right,” and we all know it just simply isn’t true. Regardless, you must act like truer words have never been spoken, because the moment you let your pride get the better of you and tell a customer that they are mistaken, that is the moment you have lost a customer, and potentially many more. One unhappy customer can quickly become hundreds, and a bad review of your business posted on the Internet can quickly lead to thousands of potential customers choosing your competitors instead.

While working, you, and any employees dealing with customers, must change their mindset and focus wholly on customer satisfaction. This can take practice and training, and a bit of role playing some typical customer complaints might help employees learn to remain positive and upbeat even in the face of an irate customer.

Remember that sometimes, you are the customer, and you certainly wouldn’t want an employee or store manager dismissing your complaint. Think about how you would want to be helped, and ask yourself how you can best handle an angry customer to ensure they leave happy.

2. Get Yourself Properly Motivated Before Coming To Work

Sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or situations unrelated to work cause us stress or despair, and this can affect us during the working day. When a customer walks into a store, a robotic greeting, or no greeting at all, will register. Likewise, employees who appear unmotivated, unhappy, bored, or angry will also register with the customer, and will instantly give them a negative impression of your business.

Ensuring that you and your employees are properly motivated before beginning the workday is not just beneficial for their own piece of mind and mental clarity, but also goes along way towards ensuring that they can stay positive with customers throughout the day as well. Try to start the day with music you enjoy, and keep a list of happy memories handy that might be able to uplift your mood. Remember that motivation and a positive mood lead to success, and being confident in our abilities can help you stay motivated.

3. Calm, Caring Tones

When speaking with customers, you want to be motivated and happy, but being overly excited can be pretentious, overbearing and fake. There is no need to yell a greeting across the store at customers as they walk in, or follow them around rattling off sale and promotion information with a giant plastic smile on your face. Speak normally, approach customers calmly, and express genuine concern and sincerity when a customer approaches you with a concern or a complaint.

4. Remember That Every Problem is Actually an Opportunity to Learn

Nobody likes it when a customer has a complaint, but if it can be resolved to the customer’s satisfaction, then not only have you kept a customer, but you have learned something as well. Customer complaints can often provide you with valuable information as to what can be improved within your business. For example, if you own a clothing store and customers continually complain that you are often out of stock on a particular size, then obviously you should order more of that size in the future.

See what can be done to turn a negative complaint into a positive outcome, and both you and the customer will win. By examining customer complaints and attempting to understand the customer’s concerns, and then determining the best actions for alleviating those concerns, you are in fact developing a successful marketing strategy and better serving your target market. This in turn leads to improved customer satisfaction, and subsequently, brand loyalty and a larger share of your target market.

Keep that in mind, and staying positive with customers shouldn’t be much of a problem at all.

5. Reward Yourself, and Employees, For Successfully Handling Customers

Take a lesson from Pavlov’s dog and remember that consistent reward fosters desired behavior. Employees like to know that their efforts are appreciated, and should at the very least be acknowledged with encouraging words if they perform admirably. When an employee successfully handles a customer complaint, find some way to reward them—maybe an extra discount on an item, or a gift certificate, or even take them to lunch. Better yet, take all the employees to lunch once in a while; an enjoyable workplace in which the employees are treated well translates to employees that treat the customers well.

About the Author

Valerie Cecil is a research coordinator, marketing specialist and writer for Her work allows her to investigate many topics, ranging from online consumer relations to effective communication in the workplace. Her hobbies include kayaking, watercolor, and doing marketing work for

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