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Use Of Facebook As A Marketing Tool

This is a guest post by Abhishek.

Social media is among the many boons granted by science to mankind. It has opened new communication channels with unlimited potential. Using social media a person easily find people with similar interests and can communicate with them. Using social media two people living in different parts of the globe can become friends.

Social media has also created new marketing opportunities and lead generation for business houses. Using social media a commercial enterprise can promote its products to a myriad of prospective customers. In the recent times marketing goods through social media has become a trend with almost every commercial enterprise trying to make their presence felt on social media. What most of the business houses have failed to realize is that all the social media platforms are not suitable for every targeted audience.

Currently Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites. Like other social media sites it is being used extensively for promoting various goods and services. This article discusses the suitability of face book for B2B business marketing or B2C business marketing:

Suitability of Facebook with regard to B2B

As far as B2B transactions are concerned Facebook is not the ideal option though some people might differ in their opinion. Selling to other business units through face book is like advertising alcoholic beverages on cartoon network, though an alcoholic father might view the advertisement while watching cartoons along with his little kid.

In some rare cases B2B transactions through face book might prove successful but it would certainly not work continuously. It would certainly not provide you the desired results considering your high investment. But there is no harm in making your presence felt on face book if you are involved in a B2B business. You can create your brochure page on face book but spending too much time on it might not prove worthwhile.

Suitability of Facebook for B2C

Facebook could be used for marketing some of the B2C products. But it would not prove successful for all B2C products. Though face book has proved to be an excellent platform for pay per click advertisements but marketing goods is a different thing. Some people tend to confuse these things with each other.

Facebook is suitable for products which are in high demand or which the flavors of the season are. If a product is being discussed at dinner parties, gym, pub, barbecues and other recreational places then it is suitable for marketing through face book.

How to use Facebook for marketing

There are always different target segments for different products. Women are generally crazy about clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, etc. Kids are mostly interested in toys, indoor and outdoor games, computer games, comics, etc. Men generally have a passion for sports, cars, bikes, latest gadgets, etc. There is no shortage of people with interest in food, drinks, movies, tourism and various arts. You have to first find out the people who belong to the niche segment that you intend to target. Firstly become a part of their group by joining their conversation and then market your goods to them.

About the Author

Abhishek Bhan is an avid blogger, marketing strategist and Social Media addict. He is currently working for Lead Creation as a business strategist covering the major issues like Social Media, E-Commerce, B2B marketing strategies. He also loves to travel and blog about his views regarding the new marketing strategies.

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