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Beginners’ Guide to Blogging

This is a guest post by Mark.

Blogging has become necessary both for social and business activities. Blogs can be used socially in order to communicate with family and friends. It also gives you the space and independence to air out you own thoughts and opinions. In the business side, it can be used to create a following for your products and services and hence, promoting your business. You can also build a good relationship with prospects by communicating via blogs. Starting a blog is not that complicated. However, creating a successful blog is quite the challenge. Here are some tips and advice that can help become a successful blogger.

Determine a Niche Appropriate for You

You cannot just blog about anything. There are some things you are good at better than others. Therefore go for a niche you are perfectly confident and comfortable with. The niche should however not be too specific or too broad. The niche should be something that you are passionate about in order to create an interesting blog. The niche you select will determine the success or failure of the blog.

Setup a Quality Blog

You can set up a free or paid blog with WordPress or Blogger. They both offer step- by- step guidelines into setting up a blog. You can customize the blog to fit your design specifications by using templates. It is also important to add essential plug-ins into your blog. Before doing that, you should create a domain name for your blog. Make sure to seek hosting services from quality web hosting companies. They will not only provide a domain name for your blog, but also manage traffic, provide disk space and many other hosting services. Adding plug-ins will help with search engines searches as well protecting the blog from spam.

Know the Target Audience

Knowing the target audience is as important as determining the niche. Without a specified target audience, it will be difficult to attract people to your website. The target audience determines the type of content provided in the blog. It also influences advertising and affiliate marketing. The niche should correspond to the target audience in order to receive response. The products advertised through the blog should also be relevant to them. The same applies to the affiliate links provided on the blog. Writing on a specific niche enables you to curve out an audience for yourself among the various users of the internet. It is however not advisable to be too specific because it limits the target audience.

Quality Content

A good blog must have quality content. The articles in the blog must be relevant to the reader and should be beneficial to them. The articles should therefore be informative and interesting to read. It is also important to write SEO friendly articles to attract more traffic to your website. This involves the use of appropriate keywords in your articles. The keyword density should be balanced ranging between 1-4%. Avoid using too many keywords on the articles. The articles should also be well structured and free of grammatical errors. Apart from that, you can use graphic content such as pictures, audio displays and videos.

Simplify Your Blog

Sometimes the blog can become an instant hit thus, generating a lot of traffic to the site. In such a case, it can become difficult deal with an overload of followers. That is why there are blogs that shut down because of an overwhelming following. Some of the basic tools that can support you in simplifying the blog are:

  • Practice routine blogging. Make sure you blog every day. Schedule some specific time to provide content for your blog and interact with followers.
  • Always be equipped. Always have back up resources in case of an influx in traffic. Also ensure you are prepared for any eventuality.
  • Be flexible. Don’t be too rigid in terms of content. Sometimes being too specific might turn out to be monotonous for the readers. Be versatile and take up new challenges.
  • Build contacts. Share and build relationship with other bloggers. They can provide insight based on their personal blogging experiences which can help in running your blog.


In order to be a successful blogger, the following rules will help you:

  • Make sure you stand out. Try to do something that has never been done before. People are always interested in something new or extra- ordinary. Normal topics tend to be boring. Therefore if you can’t think of something new, at least bring out a new dimension or aspect of what is commonly discussed.
  • Blog with passion. The content should be written with fervor to drive the message through the readers and arouse more interest. Make sure the content does not sound too formal or robotic.
  • Deliver valuable content. What most people seek in blogs is something that is of value to them. This should be indicated right at the introductory part of the content.
  • Challenge convention. Nothing tends to arouse more interest in readers than a challenge to convention.
  • Use facts. Rather than telling readers what they might already know; prove your content with reliable facts. People are more interested in realistic content more than opinions.
  • Use good titles: the titles for your articles should be attractive enough to arouse interest of your readers.


Blogging, if done right, can be profitable and you’ll be able to make money with it. There are lots of blogs earning 4 to 5 figures a month via advertising and affiliate links. All you need is do it the right way, attract visitors, offer them what they need or what they want to learn, valuable them to make them come back. Once you sustain thousands of visitors per month, it’s possible to earn money on your blog.

About the Author

Mark Baleos is a freelance Online Marketing and Technology writer. He is currently writing guest posts on behalf of Domains4Less, provider of low cost .nz domain names and web hosting.

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2 Responses to 'Beginners’ Guide to Blogging'

  1. Dragan Palla says:

    This is a well written article Mark.
    Finding your voice among hundred million of blogs is lets say very challenging.
    Do you know someone who actually shut his blog because of an overload of followers?
    As far as I’m concerned this is a dream come true for any blog.;)

    ~ Dragan

    • Lisha says:

      lol! so true Dragan. But I think possibly responding to comments would be overwhelming if you had hundreds or thousands of comments on a post. In this way, I feel kind of lucky that many of my posts get no comments, lol!

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