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Graphic Design Companies in Brand Creation – Advance Guard or After the Fact?

This is a guest post by Eva.

Graphic design plays a huge part in the identification of a brand. In a world, where we are never far from an image, graphic design companies have a battle on their hands to get end users to notice and remember the brand of a client. The role of those agencies in the overall creation of the brand is paramount – but is it something that needs to be done before the brand is launched?

Technically, brand creation can happen at any time during the life of a product, a service or a company. The creation of a brand is all about definition – the moment when a set of images and words, of themes and emotions, becomes aligned indelibly in the mind of the consumer.

Brands reinvent themselves all the time, too – so, there’s a sense in which brand creation can happen anew even in the life of an existing and famous company. This has happened to at least one massive high street retailer over the last few years. When brands feel they have lost their way, they might conduct a rebranding exercise like this one, which effectively re-launches the brand with a renewed appeal to a defined target audience.

Graphic design agencies play a huge part in this definition – whether it’s a first-time, first launch or a rebranding. The idea remains the same in all cases. Find a selection of imagery – of word, form and colour – that triggers the proper emotional response in its viewers and which is indelibly connected with the ideal of the brand as a whole.

You only have to think for a moment about the corporate colours, fonts and logos of some of the really big names in several industries to see how important visuals can be. Name any set of company colours and you can name the company attached to them – a blue and red supermarket, an orange phone company, a yellow department store, a green and gold department store. The list is endless – and when you start including logos as well you really begin to realise just how vital our eyes are in the branding process.

Think about a swoosh logo or three stripes or a leaping cat. Almost anyone in the English speaking world would be able to name the brands of sports shoe manufacturer in question from those descriptions alone. Now, when you think some more about this, you begin to see just how remarkable the visual aspect of branding can be and the extraordinary role, therefore, that graphic design companies have in the overall creation of a corporate image.

The thing is the human eye is trained by evolution to associate certain things with certain images. A picture, we are told, is worth a thousand words – so, when we see an image of a leaping cat, we immediately think about power, speed, freedom and athletic ability. They’re pretty potent emotions to connect with a sports clothing and footwear manufacturing business.

Graphic design agencies play a pivotal role in the creation of a brand – whether that’s at the start of its life or at its rebirth.


Graphic design companies play a pivotal role in the creation of a brand – whether that’s at the start of its life or at its rebirth.

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